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Why do I need a new CD?

1. Updates - Our new CD contains updated software, and possibly some software you do not already have. Updated software is essential to operating efficiently on the Internet, since things change so often.

2. New Computer - New computers require new software. You can't install old software on a new computer. Sometimes it won't let you, but in general, it's not really good for the computer to have all new software and then have old software thrown in.

3.  Lost CD - CD's get lost. If you need a new CD, this is the easiest way to do it.

4. Backup - You should have backup of everything on your computer. However, most people don't. But it's a good idea to have backup of your software for SnowCrest. If you were to ever have a problem and needed to re-install the software or re-configure your Internet settings, you would need our CD. Unless, of course, you know how to do it yourself.

Want to order a CD? Just fill out the simple form below with your information and your account will automatically be billed $5. You're not actually paying for the CD. That's free. The $5 fee will be applied towards shipping and handling.

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