Tactical Escape Kit

Designed by Special Operations personnel. Used for egress from multi-story buildings in situations where soldiers are pinned down with no suitable exit. Rappel line can be secured to an object in the room or roof top location and positioned to run down the side of the building. System can also be used to lower injured personnel to
the ground from height. Includes 75 feet of lightweight hybrid 6.6 mm rope. Hybrid rope is constructed of a blend of Technora and polyester. Technora is used in the sheath construction to give exceptional cut resistance. Utilizes a Rock Exotica MicroEight descent device and the addition of a unique carabiner configured to
allow for increased friction if needed. 6.6 mm hybrid escape line strength 3200 lbf. (14kN). Packaged in a mesh bag which is secured in a MOLLE compatible pouch.
• Deployment pouch available in digital foliage green or terra/coyote

ITEM# 1931 $199.00

Military EXO Personal Escape System

Military version of Petzl fire/rescue personal escape system. Comes with EXO escape device and captive eye carabiner with sewn termination on attachment end of rope. 50 or 75 feet of 100% Technora 7.5mm rope. Technora is extremely cut and fire resistant. All hardware components in system are black. Comes in specially designed carry bag that can be used as waist/leg bag. Equipped with MOLLE system for attachment to any tactical vest or kit bag. New PJ horizontal carry bag now available with MOLLE system oriented horizontally on bag without leg attachments. Carry bags are designed and manufactured in USA by Yates Gear Inc. Standard packaging includes new MulitCam colored leg bag with tan rope systems and black leg bag with black rope systems.

• Available in terra, black and MultiCam

• 50EXO Military EXO Kit 50 feet tan rope
• 75EXO Military EXO Kit 75 feet tan rope

• 50EXOBK Military EXO Kit 50 feet black rope
• 75EXOBK Military EXO Kit 75 feet black rope

Standard leg carry bag in terra

PJ Horizontal carry bag in MultiCam

ITEM# 50EXO $450.00
ITEM# 75EXO $540.00
ITEM# 50EXOBK $460.00
ITEM# 75EXOBK $550.00

Technora® Rappel Daisy Link

Super light weight short daisy chain designed to allow you to extend your rappel device further away from your body to allow safer egress over edges such as window frames. Daisy Link is made of .75 inch technora webbing which is extremely cut resistant. Individual clip-in pockets are reinforced to yield a tear out strength of 1100 lbf. (2 kN). Overall rated strength 5000 lbf. (22 kN). Designed to be used with Military EXO Personal Escape System. Daisy link also allows for use of a safety prusik while rappelling with micro figure eight in Tactical Escape Kit (1931). Daisy Link can be girth hitched to harness. Length 12 inches. Weight 7 oz.


ITEM# 544 $20.50

Yates Spec Pak

Patient packaging and extrication system combines the backboard immobilization of a short board with the suspension and support of a full body harness. The Spec Pak system utilizes an integrated polyethylene board along the back to reduce wear and create a smooth sliding surface for confined space operations. Grab handles located at the head and sides allow rescuers to better handle the patient package during movement through tight spaces. Extremely useful for any confined space operation where a vertical environment is encountered. In addition, the Spec Pak system is a
lifting harness, thus eliminating the need for a separate victim harness. Unique self adjusting (sliding) cervical restraint eliminates the problems associated with lifting patients vertically while secured to a rigid backboard. Storage bag provided is equipped with single shoulder straps. Spec Pak is only intended as a limited
spinal immobilization system. It must be used in conjunction with proper spinal immobilization such as the use of a cervical collar where conditions and protocols dictate. Designed by Spec Rescue International and Yates Tactical. Weight 15 lbs. LIFTING BRIDLE SYSTEM is now included with SPEK PAK(Spec Pak will not function in all lifting modes without the use of Lifting Bridle).

• Meets ANSI/OSHA Class III harness standards
• Combat Medical Systems universal one size adjustable cervical collar included
Available in single shoulder strap storage/deployment bag only. Backpack style storage/deployment bag is discontinued.

903 Intrinsically Safe Spec Pak
Lighter weight version with all stainless steel hardware. Meets intrinsically safe requirements for confined space explosive environments. Designed for Navy ship, submarine and aircraft confined spaces where intrinsically safe devices are mandatory. Avaliable in standard Red/Blue/Orange color . Weight 14.5 lbs.


ITEM# 901 $1500.00
ITEM# 903 $1400.00

New SPEC PAK Horizontal Lifting Video

Spec Pak used during military extraction exercise.

Yates Spec Pak Product use Info. (pdf).

Yates Military Spec Pak Lifting Bridle

New lifting bridle system allows for horizontal, semi sitting and semi-vertical (75 degree) positioning of the casualty. This system of lifting is useful when longer suspension times are anticipated, reducing the chances of development of suspension syndrome. Lifting bridle is attached to new chest mounted D rings on the Spec Pak. Head, crotch and leg strap allows for complete stabilization of the patient without the need of a full litter. Easily adjustable with use of 6kN rated Ancra Cam Buckles. Lifting bridle has full strength 5000 lbf. (22.2kN) backup strap for attachment to head located lifting D ring. All carabiner and connectors are included.

• Lifting bridle can only be used on Spec
Pak with new chest mounted D rings
• Old model Spec Pak can be retrofitted
with new chest mounted D rings
• Available in terra and o.d. green

New SPEC PAK Horizontal Lifting Video

ITEM# 906 Military Bridle $250.00

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