Yates/ISC Figure 9 Anti-Twist Rescue Descender

New style Figure 9 descender with attachment eye set 90 degrees to the rest of the unit. The Figure 9 also has a top spike which easily allows rope to be wrapped over the top for added friction and control of heavier loads. Forged aluminum, hard coat anodized.

• Classified to meet NFPA 1983/2012 edition standards. "G"

ITEM# 1025 $50.00

BlueWater Large Aluminum 8

Original design figure eight has many uses in work and rescue such as rappelling, belaying and lowering. Manufactured of forged alloy aluminum and hard coat anodized for extended wear. Rig point will allow multiple carabiners to pass through the hole.

• Classified to meet NFPA 1983/2012 edition standards, "G" rated,

ITEM# 1026 $49.00

Steel Figure 8’s

Available in forged steel. Steel is desired for longer wear, High gloss zink plating ore improved corrosion resistance. Steel figure eights are ideal for training rappel situations when high cycle use is anticipated because of their resistance to grooving and excessive wear. Steel figure eights do not provide as much friction as alloy aluminum figure eights and care must be taken with heavy loads and belays.
• Strength 11,250 lbf/50kN
• All Figure eights proof loaded to 5000 lbf/25kN


ITEM#   price
6013 Steel - Bright $53.00

Petzl RIG Descender

Designed for rope access work (expert users only). Multi-function handle allows the user to unlock the rope and control the descent with the hand on the
free end of the rope and position themself while on the rope without tying off the device. The automatic return system on the handle limits risks in case of an
involuntary action by the user. The safety gate on the moving side plate helps prevent dropping the device and facilitates installation of the rope and passing intermediate anchors. Can also be used for short ascents (RAD system). For rope between 10.5 and 11.5mm in diameter. Colors: Black ($155.00) or Gold.

PETZL Product Information and training Video

ITEM# 7018 $170.00

SMC 4 Bar U-Racks This compact rack is fitted with 4 long-wear tubular stainless bars, two of which are tie-off bars. This rack design allows the user to vary the friction without
adding or dropping bars or disconnecting from the system like traditional racks, whether it is being used in a controlled, fast single person rappel or a heavy rescue lower. As more professional trainers begin to expose their clients to the benefits of this alternative style rack, it is clear they are growing in acceptance and popularity. Certified to NFPA 1983/2001 edition.
ITEM# Rack Type Type of Bars  
1404 Straight Stainless Steel $115.60

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