Kong Back-Up®

A new mobile fall arrester from Kong that follows the operator in both directions. With its unique locking cam configuration, the Back-Up supports fall factor 2 falls in a semi-dynamic way, without damage to the safety rope.

• Stops a fall, slide or uncontrolled descent
• Works on vertical or angled rope
• Moves up or down along the rope without manual intervention
• Easy to install and remove at any point on the rope
• For rope access applications unit can be used with tug cord

Meets ANSI Z359.1-2007 and OSHA requirements in North America.
Certified to CE EN 353-2, EN 358, EN 567.
Lazer marked ANSI Z359.1-2007.

Technical specifications:
10.0 to 12.0 mm semi-static ropes (EN 1891 type A) certified with the device
Comes with the Kong Steel Oval auto locking carabiner
205g + carabiner (180g) 385g. total

If used for fall protection, to meet ANSI and EN requirements, Back-Up can be used without a lanyard or in conjunction with a lanyard under 16 inches (Total length including carabiners). This length lanyard will limit maximum potential fall distance to less than 1 meter.

Link to product information: BACK-UP Product Information

ITEM # 800 $155.00

Petzl RIG Descender

Designed for rope access work (expert users only). Multi-function handle allows the user to unlock the rope and control the descent with the hand on the
free end of the rope and position themself while on the rope without tying off the device. The automatic return system on the handle limits risks in case of an
involuntary action by the user. The safety gate on the moving side plate helps prevent dropping the device and facilitates installation of the rope and passing intermediate anchors. Can also be used for short ascents (RAD system). For rope between 10.5 and 11.5mm in diameter. Colors: Black ($155.00) or Gold.

Available January 15, 2010
PETZL Product Information and training Video

ITEM# 7018 $170.00

Petzl I’D Self braking device designed for descending rope and for belaying. Easily installed on the rope without disconnecting it from the harness. Anti-panic feature built in. When the user pulls too hard on the handle it causes the device to lock up. Easily releaseable after locking. Climbing is also possible with the addition of a rope grab and a foot stirrup or etrier. Can also be used effectively in haul systems. Great for rope access work. NFPA G.

ITEM# 7020 $235.00

SMC 4 Bar U-Racks This compact rack is fitted with 4 long-wear tubular
stainless bars, two of which are tie-off bars. This
rack design allows the user to vary the friction without
adding or dropping bars or disconnecting from
the system like traditional racks, whether it is being
used in a controlled, fast single person rappel or a
heavy rescue lower. As more professional trainers
begin to expose their clients to the benefits of this
alternative style rack, it is clear they are growing in
acceptance and popularity. Certified to NFPA 1983/2012 edition.
ITEM# Rack Type Type of Bars  
1404 Straight Stainless Steel $115.60

SMC Brake Racks One of the most widely used descent and lowering devices available. It will accept single or double ropes of several diameters and yet provides a wide range of friction for descent control or lowering control. Allows the user to change the number of bars as necessary when in use with a load. Certified to NFPA 1983/2012 edition.
• 1 inch diameter stainless steel tie off bar
• 7/8 inch diameter blue anodized aluminum bar with training groove and straight slot
ITEM# Rack Type Type of Bars  
1401 Straight Aluminum Bars $121.30

ISC Rescue Ascenders Durable heavyweight construction specifically
designed for rigging and rescue applications. These
are no lightweight rock climbing ascenders! Easy to
operate with gloved hand, these ascenders come
with large thumb release on cam, large molded
hand grip and double clip-in points. Unique cam
design allows for increased strength. Will accommodate
9 to 13 mm ropes. Strength (frame) 6000 lbf.
ITEM# 1011 $200.00 pr.

Kong Futura Rope Handled Ascender

Kong Futura Rope Handled Ascender
Innovative lightweight handled ascender. Enables
rope ascending and hand line operation with a
super lightweight unit. Comes with two interchangeable
handles. Ascenders available right or left hand. Accepts ropes from 8 to 12 mm.
Weight 125 grams ea.

ITEM# 1876R $70.00ea.
ITEM# 1876L $70.00ea.

Kong Duck Ascender/ Rope Grab 888 Kong Duck Ascender/ Rope Grab
Super small simple ascender for a multitude of lightweight,
low profile uses. Great for super light fixed
rope work. Will also work on slings! Accepts ropes
from 8 to 13 mm and slings from 10 to 15 mm wide.
Weight 70 grams.

ITEM# 888 $58.00 ea.

Petzl Rescucender Compact rope clamp/grab intended for moving on fixed ropes. Suitable for hauling heavy loads. Incorporated into a hauling system, it operates as a progress capture device. Acts as a load limiter if overloaded or subjected to an impact force.
Available in all black.

ITEM# 7050 $65.00

Petzl Croll Attaches to front of harness in chest area to help user maintain an upright position and serve as a progress capture. Yates Rope Access harness and RTR Tower Harness have attachment points already equipped to utilize the Croll’s excellent features.

ITEM# 7016 $75.00

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