New Updated Hybrid Escape Line Kits

Unique pouch design made from extra heavyweight washable Defender 950 Nomex fabric for heat and flame resistance. Reflective trim for added visibility. Bags are specially designed or easy rope deployment with structural firefighting gloves. Yates quick release attachment system allows the firefighter to quickly remove the pouch from their escape belt or SCBA. NOTICE: Use of a personal escape system takes special training and skills. Kit includes NFPA classified BlueWater Hybrid personal EscapeLine, 30 inch movable Nomex rope protector, easy to use Kong Tango aluminum snap hook for anchor end of line, Petzl Freino carabiner for attachment of BlueWater Micro 8 descender (NFPA classified) to user, and Nomex pouch.With proper after use inspection Hybrid escape lines can also be used as searchlines in limited situations.

ITEM# length Escape Line price
1935 75 feet Hybrid $234.00


Lock-off Method w/Frieno

Petzl EXO Personal Escape System

The Petzl EXO Personal Escape System provides firefighters with a fast, reliable means of escape from a burning structure when using a conventional exit is no longer possible. A firefighter trained and equipped with the EXO system can quickly deploy the unique anchor and rope, then move rapidly towards an egress point and descend to a lower level.

• Descender has self-braking function
• Fast, easy deployment
• Versatile anchoring
• Heat and cut resistant rope
• Designed in collaboration with FDNY
• Certified to NFPA 1983/2006 ed.
• EXO training provided thru Yates
Professional, call for info

ITEM# length Escape Line price
1937 50 feet 100% Technora $400.00



RSI Safe-Out Harness

Designed by Spec. Rescue International and Rescue Systems Inc. harness is donned with turnout pants. Utilizes quick connect waist buckle. Harness can be easily
fitted to turnout pants using the existing keeper loops
supplied on many turnouts. If turnouts do not have
keeper belt and leg loop straps, they must be added
by the user to secure the harness. Safe-Out harness is the most versatile harness available. Designed for bailout and rescue operations with the addition of waist D-ring to standard 9" bail-out lanyard. Webbing treated with Solucote, a solvent free, durable, aqueous anionic polyurethane latex coating that dramatically reduces flammability and increases abrasion resistance(Solucote was originally designed for military pilot harnesses).
• One size, fully adjustable
• Large waist D ring for rescue applications
• Compatable with Petzl EXO Personel Escape System
• Certified to NFPA 1983/2012 ed. standards

ITEM# 70100




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