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Established in 1897 by Abner Weed.

Seven Miles North of Mount Shasta California

Now a retirement community


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Established in 1893 by, the Siskiyou Lumber and Mercantile Company. In 1897, Abner Weed bought, for the sum of $400.00, the Siskiyou Lumber and Mercantile Mill and 280 acres of land in what is now Weed. Since that time, the town of Weed has grown. It has however, transformed from a booming logging town to the restful little retirement town of today.




Used to haul large loads. This was an improvement over the previous method of moving by hand with pike poles. A team of four horses and a driver was used. The device consisted of wheels 10 to 12 feet in diameter. The tongue, 36 feet long slipped through the axle, about 8 feet before the bumper. The bumper on the end of the tongue came up against the axle to pull the load. As the tongue slipped forward, a connecting rod fastened to the tongue pulled the staff forward rotating the staff, which lifted the load.



Was established in 1897 by Abner Weed.

This photo, shot in 1914 when the town had reached a population of about 2000 to 3000. Mostly mill workers and their families. In addition there were the saloon and store keepers, dance hall girls and other unsavory individuals that made up the rest of the population and added to Weeds' colorful past.


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