I enjoy photography. There is something magical about capturing a fraction of a second in time, preserving it and sharing it with others -- even if sometimes they may not be as enthusiastic as I am. Photography is particularly enjoyable here in Mount Shasta country because the scenery and seasons are so beautiful and so varied. For better or worse, I've taken all the photos shown within this Web site with the exception of a very few, and those are noted. That's all I'm going to say about my interest in photography; the main purpose of this page is contained in the title and description below. -- Wes

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Here's the place to find a favorite photo quickly when you've already seen it in context and read my riveting prose. Just click on one of the four category buttons below and then make your individual selection. If you know how to do a "find" with your browser you can use that to jump to a particular photo or locate a name.

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Primarily People and Pets

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Click here for photos taken after July 1, 2000

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Scenic Shots by Season

Also see the "Mostly People and Pets" section as most are also scenic shots.

Winter (December 21 - March 20)

Spring (March 21 - June 20)

Summer (June 21 - September 20)

Fall (September 21 - December 20)

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Thematic Sets

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Special Collections

The following link will take you to a page of links to special collections of family related photos and other family produced Web sites. There will be some "Mt. Shasta" photos that didn't make the cut to be included here; but, for the most part they will be from other parts of the world.

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