Wendy Brown
Redding  CA
wendybrown @ snowcrest.net

 Wendy Brown
Home: 530-547-1122
  • Computer experience
  • MCP Net Work Essentials: Implementation & troubleshooting of Computer networking.
  • Visual Basic 6.0
  • Bookkeeping, wages & billing using Rosebud, Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, Excell. 
  • Advertising: Using: ipublish & ByDesign, Word perfect Suite 8 & Adobe Photoshop
  • Web Page Building programs used: Dreamweaver, Net Objects Fusion,   Homesite, Claris, Netscape Composer,  Microsoft Front Page, Hot Metal, and  Word Pad, Fifteen years experience in web design and computer related fields.
  • Made videos with Realpublisher (however, I currently do not use an ISP that streams the video)
  • Other software used: Ulead GIF Animator, Astound Web Motion, PhotoShop 5, Photo House, Illustrator 8, Special Text Effects, Real Audio Producer, Configuring spycams with Web Cam2000 and Wincam along with TZO, ByDesign, iPublish, Word Perfect suite 8, Icon Edit Pro, Cute FTP.
  • Managerial experience:
  • Recruiting and training over 40 personnel including assistant managers, customer service, administrative and production staff working both full-time and part-time positions.
  • Hiring and supervising a staff of up to 12 with responsibility for performance
  • evaluations,benefits and payroll administration including state and federal taxes.
  • Overseeing operations including customer service, accounting, auditing, inventory  control
  • and order fulfillment of stock including exact quantities needed of perishable goods ie: flowers, plants, greenery.
  • Working under exceptional stress during florist holidays. IE:  fast-paced environment under tight deadlines, late hours, ordering the correct amount of  flowers/perishable goods,  organizing new staff whom must design & deliver arrangements. Walking a fine line when taking late orders, that have to be designed/made and delivered, as profits must be considered when accepting or declining orders as we reach our maximum output.
  • Owning a retail business for 19 years has given me excellent social, written and organizational skills.
  • Working with artistic men/women under stressful conditions teaches one the importance of being a team player, leaving troubles at home, having a pleasant attitude, respect for co-workers,  and refraining  from gossiping.
  • Artistic qualifications:
  • Designer:  Oil paintings, graphic designs, shop and window displays, &  floral designer

  • Example's of my work.

    Web Sites                                                       _________________________

    This is an example  made with Net Objects Fusion which can be easily altered. The color scheme and icons  would be selected to portray a business's image.

    Large company websites:  Voorwood    Turbosand

    Small websites costs.  $150.00 for the first page $50.00 for each additional.

    OPTIONS                                                        _________________________
    Sample of  CGI &   JAVA  Rotating applets, panorama applet, guest book, graphic banner.

    Video  made with Realpublisher.  This video would 'stream' if placed on a server that supported Real Audio Streaming.  My server does not support streaming.    Streaming video downloads at the same time as it is being viewed.  Also available is the Real Slide Show, with this program it is possible to incorporate slides/pictures, audio can be added to individual slides.

    Real audio/video server fees are approximately double a standard ISP/Server.  With the mass broad band technology on the horizon it would seem prudent to use a 'Real' Server if your company would benefit from the use of slides or videos on your web page.

    A slide show that uses a rotation applet with 'how-to' instruction.  It takes approximately 60 seconds to download.

    An ONLINE cam shot, which automatically updates every 10 seconds . . only when the video camera is actually turned on.

    I received an A grade for an English Composition Internet course taken at Shasta College.
    This web page shows my three essays and term paper.
    Web page building
    Estimated costs

    Thank you for reading my resume'
    Wendy Brown