1.  Flags for Weed (downtown phase in planning).
2.  Assist Planning and Fundraising for Weed
      Skate & Bike Parks Project (Skate Park com-
      pleted September 23, 2006)
3.  Weed's Wildflower Festival (Pending).
4.  Create Cougar Park at end of Main Street.
      (Mercantile/Railroad Landscaping, Lighting, 
      and Picnic Area  completed through Phase 1,
      Phase 2 in progress).
5.  Provide Financial Oversight to the Firefighters
      Memorial.  (located at the Weed Airport).
6.  Tourist and Business Signage Improvement.
      (on-going project).
7.  Renovation of Murals (on-going project).
8.  Christmas Decorations for City Streets, City
      Hall, Cougar Park, and Centennial Plaza (on-
      going project).
9.  Periodically host Skateboard Competitions at
      WRC's Weed Skatepark.
10. Annual Bedding Plant Project with WES.
11. Design, Fabricate, and Install "Welcome to
      Weed" Banners for Main Street  and Weed
      Blvd. (on-going)
12. Sponsor and monitor CCH grant for 'From
      Quarters to Weed' black history video product-
       tion. (Completed).
13. Complete Community Float for Parades and
      for Performance Stage (sound system complete,
      and stage-bed in progress).
14. Host annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Weed
      Mercantile for all who wish to attend. (In coop-
      eration with the Weed Rotary Club).
15. Provide Light-weight Folding Tables for use by
      Local Non-profits. (22 tables procured).
16. Create new Mural for a building to be deter-
      mined (in planning).
17. Construct Permanent Bar-B-Que for Cougar
      Park.  (2012 planned completion)
18. Support the WRC's  and Weed Rotary Club's
      joint Community Gardens project at Weed Ele-
      mentary School. (completed 2011).
19. Host the annual Christmas Adopt-a-Sock party
      for the area's children.
20. Act as the fiscal 501(c)(3) agent for the Weed
      Community Resource Center (WCRC).
21. Sponsored a grant request to provide a perma-
      nent home for the WCRC within the Weed Mer-
      cantile, to serve as the Weed Community Center.
22. Other items in discussion with members.