Members of the Weed Revitalization Coalition are dedicated to the continuing improvement of our City.  The Downtown area of our Community was targeted by the Coalition for particular emphasis during our first few years.   The businesses and properties on Main Street and Weed Boulevard were selected to be the first to benefit from the Coalition's activities, since these locations represent the historical business area of the City.  We have expanded our efforts to gradually cover all of the City of Weed now that our success in the Downtown area has been demonstrated.
   The Coalition operates as a non-profit California Corporation with no paid employees.    On an 'as possible' basis one our major activities during a typical year has been the sponsorship of Weed's Wildflower Festival (or, occasionally, a Skate Park Competition) which is held in June or July in Charles Byrd Community Park in Weed. 
   Membership on the Coalition is open to all persons living in Weed or the surrounding area.  The only requirement for membership is a genuine desire to help the WRC achieve its mission as set forth on our Home Page and by-laws.  There are
no membership dues or fees.  WRC meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM at the Weed Mercantile Mall, 590 Main Street, Weed.  All meetings are open to all interested parties, whether or not they are registered members of the WRC.  (Please call our Executive Director, Joyce Oliver, 938-2426, to verify meeting or membership information).

Board Members:

Mike Shannon - President                             Loretta Howatt - Director
Pat Pitsenbarger - Secretary                         Joyce Oliver - Executive Director 
Randy Chalenor - Treasurer                         John Oliver - Project Manager         
Gene Pitsenbarger - Director/Website         Ester Perez - Director                                    Martin Nicholas - Advisory
Carole Nichols - Director                                   


Roxanne & Dale Anzo

Daryl Brooks

Irma Carpine
Weed Chiropractic

Michelle & John Chandler

Cherokee Culbertson
Dave Culbertson
Papa's Place

Judi Culver

Ana Fisher
Ana's House

Henry Gaines
Pastor, Mt. Shasta
Baptist Church

Randi Greenspan

Scott Hinchcliff

Annette James

Weed Press

Alford Linville
Weed Museum

Mike & Tana Macy

Lisa Mallory
Wild Hare Printables

Mary Mazzei

Kimberly Kay McIntosh

Katja Morgan
Junior Girl Scouts

Martin Nicholas
Weed Chief of Police

John Oliver
Joyce Oliver
Weed Mercantile Mall
Travelers Hotel & Shops

Saralee Ourjanian

Esther Perez

Lee & Jane St. Pierre
J & L Electric Co.

Gene Pitsenbarger
Pat Pitsenbarger
Weed Rotary Club

Steve Rock
Sherrie Rock
Layton's Liquors

Jacques Serre
Christine Hernandez

Mike Shannon
General Contractor

Jim Taylor

Willie Thomas Jr.

Mike & Donna Wright
Friendly RV Park