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Trinity County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team

The Trinity County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team is a group of non-paid Civilian Volunteers that meet and train to assist the Sheriff of Trinity County in all types of Search and Rescue needs. All members are required to attend a set number of meetings, training sessions, and call outs. Members are also required to hold certificates for CPR and First Aid. Many members have other certificates such as Tracker, White Water Rescue, High Angle Rescue, Rappelling, Scuba Dive, and many other specialties.

The Trinity County Search and Rescue Team is organized and sponsored by the Trinity County Sheriff and serves the community by assisting law enforcement officers in searches for lost children, hikers, hunters and visitors. Other duties may be assigned by the Sheriff, such as County Emergencies like forest fires, airplane crashes, or any other designated need. The TC-SAR is currently managed by Deputy Ray Hurlburt.

The Team trains once a month in a variety of topics related to its mission. Recently we practiced rope techniques, including rappelling off bridges and cliffs. We have also practiced setting up base camps, call-outs, and tracking. In the future we will offer certifications in Whitewater Rescue and Helicopter Operations. Depending on team members’ skill levels and role in operations, they may be required to pass periodic skills and abilities tests. They must demonstrate their proficiency in a variety of search/survival skills and demonstrate their knowledge in the use of the equipment and the systems used in rescue operations.

The Search and Rescue group is a dynamic team whose activities depend on the needs of the mission at hand. Individual team members respond to those needs based on their training, experience, desire and physical abilities.

Some of the activities that a SAR Team member may be involved in may include, but are not limited to:

The SAR group is very friendly and a very exciting group to be part of. No member will be required to participate in any mission, skill or activity that they do not feel ready to perform.

The SAR is a non-profit organization, we have only a small fund from the Sheriff’s Office and need donations to purchase equipment and conduct member training. Any donations are tax deductible. Many members contribute to cover the cost of personal equipment and everyone essentially pays their own per diem while training or on the job. Donations can be made out to The Trinity County Search and Rescue Team, Humboldt Bank, Weaverville 96093.

Contact Deputy Hurlburt by calling the Trinity County Sheriff's Office (530) 623-2611 or sending email to him at You may write the Trinity County Sheriff Search and Rescue Team at: Trinity County Sheriff's Office, PO Box 1228, Weaverville, CA 96093-1228, Attn: SAR Manager

If you need the services of the Search and Rescue Team, call us at 911!

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