The Turning Point
School of Interpretive Dance

Nadia Hava-Robbins, MA
Artistic Director
PO Box 990667
Redding, CA 96099
(530) 229-7818

Welcome to The Turning Point School of Interpretive Dance.

Dance classes will explore interpretive movements as they relate to human feelings, emotions, conditions, situations, or fantasies. Instruction will incorporate elements of modern dance and technique, ethnic dance, dramatic expression, creative movement, improvisation, choreography, and artistic expression. Ethnic dances will draw upon northern Indian folk dance (predominantly from the Punjab), Beledi (Middle Eastern) dance, Bohemian (Czech folk dance), and Romani ("Gypsy") dances from Europe, including Flamenco.

Classes are open to all ages.

For more information, you can:

For information call Nadia at 530-229-7818 or email

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