Tree Removal

We specialize in technical tree removal. If that tree growing through the deck has to go, or if you are ready to remove that lodgepole that leans waaaay over the garage, we are the company to call.

We are fully insured for all tree work and use the industries latest methods to safely remove those problem trees.

Remember, a tree removal permit is required for any live tree over 6" diameter at breast height. The CDF issues permits, contact them at (530) 541-6564. Dead trees do not require a permit.

Dead trees are prone to sudden failure. If you have a dead tree, have it removed as soon as possible. A dead tree can develop a substantial amount of decay in a short time. This can make removal difficult and expensive.

Be safe and save money, remove your dead trees as soon as possible.

Dead trees (aka wildlife trees, 'pecker poles, snags) do serve a purpose for wildlife. It may be possible to create a "safer" wildlife tree by topping the dead tree to a height that minimizes damage potential. TreeServ would be happy to help you in this matter.

The 110' Incense Cedar (Calocedrus decurrens) in the picture was topped just below the climbers feet and left for a wildlife tree on a Tahoe Conservancy lot.