Store Promotions

These PEZ were available only thru a particular store

Geico / 8.00

Chuck E Cheese / 6.00

Zeilpunkt /10.00

made for a grocery store in Europe in the 90's

Zinnafant Elephand made for a Pharmaceutical group in Austria


Precious Barky Brown

Barky is a limited dispenser out of Australia made for the Animal Welfare League as a fundraiser

I have all 5 colors, red, orange, yellow, blue and green / 19.00 each

Hurricane Barky on card / 25.00 black stem

Hurricane Barky on card / 25.00 red stem

Hurricane Barky was made for the AWL and proceeds were given to the animal shelters to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina

Katrina PEZ dispensers


Golden Baloo given out at the opening of the movie in the late 90's in Europe


Cow imprinted with Eat More Chicken sold thru the Chick-fil-a stores / 5.00

Full set of all 8 new limited edition Walmart trucks / 20.00

The two trucks on the top are what the Walmart trucks looked like from 1964 to 1980

The second row from the top 1981 to 1991

third row from the top 1992 to 2007

and on the bottom row 2007 to current


FAO Bear blue stem / 10.00 

FAO Bear lavendar stem / 10.00

FAO Bear red stem / 10.00

FAO Bear yellow stem / 10.00

BOLO the bear Mexico Store Promotion


Maximare Elephant from a pharmaceutical company in europe / $20.00

Chuck e Cheese and the Geico Gecco

$8.00 each

Limited Edition Scully with printed stem done exclusively for Best Buy stores