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State Theatre For The Arts GALA at The Prescott

October 8, 2016

February 27, 2016

Woke up this morning to snow on the ground

Ahh shucks, it's just plum blossoms :)

Didn't fool anyone did I

trying to take pictures of PEZ and Callie said NO, take pics of me instead.

So I did

Christison kids 1957 taking Keith to SF State

Dale Edward, Robert Ernest, Kenneth Keith and Christine Yvonne Christison

Keith's senior picture 1956-67

Breezy and Christy / Spirit Week Red Bluff High School December 12, 2007


Well, looks like good taste runs in the family.

Keith and Connie picked up their new solstice a couple of days ago. July 2007

Do they look happy to you ;o)

EGADS !!! Keith and Connie's grandbaby Emi has her very own PURPLE Solstice.

Picture taken at Keith and Connies farm in Conway, North Carolina July 2007


this one is MINE !!!

Hollywood Fox

Born February 13, 2007


Dolly Benito Owens and Valerie Christison Hunt Class of 1937

Mom and Dolly were in the first graduating class of Twenty Nine Palms High School in 1937

This picture was taken at their annual High School Reunion in October 2006.

Bobby, August 2001

skitz and Callie

best friends

Funny kids

Christy in grandpas clothes

Zack in Grannys clothes