this page is under construction. I have many more to add when I get time.


A few of our Army of Policemen. Hence the name PEZ5150

More Policeman and fireman PEZpals

PEZpals at a wedding

PEZpals, pirates, sheriff, David Welch and Marahajas

Some of our PEZ guns. I must update this photo soon 

Ran out of room for all of our regulars. snuck in a couple of psychedelic eyes flowers

Pony Stables


Love love love our Long Chin Clowns

Ponies and Long Chin Clowns

Elephants, lions, gorillas, giraffe's clowns and monkey sailors

Kooky Zoo Animals

Love our new Peach Beak cockatoo. took 20 years to find that one

Bi-Centennial display




Grandstand1 of 3.8 USA pieces

Grandstand 2 of 3.8 USA pieces

Merry Music Makers aka MMM's

Grandstand 1 / test pieces

Grandstand2 / Test pieces



Love love love these painted face Mickeys

A few of our die-cuts


Grandstand 1 / Disney

the ones with tags on the front are all *Hecho en Mexico*

Grandstand 2 / Disney

a few of our goofys and Plutos. So many more in boxes with no room to display. sad.

Grandstand 3 / Disney

A few more Goofys and Plutos with more die-cut donalds.

The front row of plutos are ALL 2.6 Yugo with half flowers

some leftover raspberry face goofys

grandstand 1 / crystals

grandstand 2 / crystals

Grandstand 3 / crystals



Looney Tunes

a bunch of assorted

more assorted

more assorted

more assorted 

convention, gathering and test


PEZ co. limited pieces plus some gathering and barkys 

all dressed up

A few of our FEBS

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Many many many more to come. I have just ordered 12 more covered grandstand displays :) I am so excited !!