8th Annual

Dairyville PEZ Gathering

August 2, 2008



Oh Mr Zippy you stole my heart !!

Zippy flew all the way from Ohio to come to our party. He liked it here so much he stayed for a week.


George Taylor. Looks like a pretty heavy discussion going on. Must be talking about some cool PEZ


And then there's Jenny and Bobby Acker. Always happy. Always smiling. Always thinking about PEZ and coming to the next Dairyville PEZ Gathering. All the way from Benicia, CA


Dan Cherney teaching the finer points of the PEZ card game to some newbies to the game


Sherrill cant seem to keep her mind on the game. Also being played by Bobby and Jenny Acker, Kathy Alexander,Judie Gatton, Dan and Susan Churney and Natalie Wilson


More of the PEZ card game

Dan Cherney and his sweet puppy. This is the dog's first gathering. He was very well behaved


Getting a *first look* at some of Gary's prime pieces.

Gary Beck, Jeff Cason and myself

WOW !!! A Clear PEZ Regular 


Beats me. Some guy with a goofy hat on ;o)

PEZ to drool over

Just got this beautiful rabbit from Ivan

Just relaxing in the shade. front table: Susan Cherney, Dan Cherney and Sherrill Hondorf

back table:

Janet McKinley, Laura and Tabitha Knight, Valerie Miller and Darrell Knight

John and Carole Bell setting up shop. Got lots of PEZ to sell

Helen McKinley-George and Bill George at their table

Kathy Alexander and a beautiful goofy in cello. Dan Cherney looking for a bargain.

John and Carole Bell again

And a framed one of me compliments of Bob and Kathy Alexander photography

The MAIN MAN David slaving over 3 really HOT BBQ's

See, I told you they were HOT


Lunch is served.

front table: Bobby and Jenny Acker and Denise Fournier

Back table: Kinda hard to see but I think it is Gary and Cyndie Barbuto, Paul Telford, Alec Miller's mom and dad.

The only one close enough to see is Ted Kahan

Sherill Hondorf came all the way from Batavia, Ohio with Zippy

Ted Kahan and Bobby Acker

Bob Alexander

Alec talking with Gary Barbuto

Denise Fournier

David and I looking over the gathering packets

Natalie Wilson passing out BINGO cards

David trying out the BINGO thingy. Myself and Jan Peterson in the back.

Bob Hunt

The Princess....... Tabitha Knight getting ready to call out the winning numbers for the ticket prizes

Gary Barbuto........ love the new haircut

Joel Bryant. Keeping his eye on beautiful Deven

Valerie Miller and Bobby Acker

Bobby again

Natalie Wilson, Tabitha Knight, Tanya Wilson and me.

Maheba Merhi the hostess of the PEZcific convention and Tabitha Knight

Natallie Wilson needs another hand

John and Carole Bell having lunch

there's that handsome cook again

Bobby and Jenny Acker amd Susan Cherney

Cyndie Barbuto, Valerie Miller and Alec's mom

Judy Ferrera and Mom

And there's that Gary Beck trying to count the PEZ candy bricks. At the table: Linda Adams, Tanya Wilson and Natalie Wilson

My Baby Brother dale making sure all of the gathering packets are ready to give out

Gary Beck, Linda Adams, Natalie and Tanya Wilson

Natalie is getting her guess ready

Tanya brought Fred over to help

The Chief cook again

Nice group around Ivans table. George Taylor, Ivan, Jeff Cason, Deven Green Bryant and Paul Telford

Ivans table again

this years' newlyweds Bill George and Helen McKinley George

John and Carole Bell and Maheba Merhi

Mary Brandenburg and Judie Gatton shopping at Dan Cherneys table

Bob and Kathy Alexander at Gary's table

parking in the pasture

A shot from down the driveway

Ivans table again

Beautiful Beautiful Double Delight Rose

FOOD, steak, french bread and chicken

More food

Oh Yeah, gotta have salad and corn on the cob too

there's that David again


Feeding time


Don't forget to save room for the homemade ice cream


Ahhh, Natalie and Tanya Wilson. Too cute !!


More Food


I'm the official *take the corn out of the pot* person


Bingo and ticket table

Okay, this is BIG. Here I am in my PEZ room looking at my original bride and groom..........

South Wall

West Wall

Part of the West wall and North wall

Just a few PEZ Pals

Me holding an ORIGINAL BRIDE AND GROOM IN CELLO. Just traded with George Taylor. He took my original bride and groom (loose) and gave me his original bride and groom IN CELLO. YIKES !!! See the grin.


Bride and Groom in cello


they look pretty good in with the remakes don't you think.


Judie Gatton

Looks like some pretty serious PEZZING goin on in here. George Taylor, myself, Sherrill Hondorf, Dan Cherney and Kathy Alexander

Show and Tell. Pluto on a very unique stem. May be one of a kind. Anyone else ever seen one of these stems?

Bill looks like someone just stole his last PEZ.

And everyone gets a prize

Ivan Jurjevic all the way from Slovenia

Gregor Jurjevic came from Slovenia with his dad Ivan. Sure nice to see you

Mary Brandenburg, Judie Gatton and George Taylor

Sherrill at Stans *bed and breakfast*

Birnell, Maheba, Deven, Joel and Jeff

Nope, can't talk. Got my mouth full

Brother Bobby and Gary Beck.

Bob Alexander with his BINGO win.

Yep, Gary guessed right. He won the jar of PEZ candy

Tanya calling BINGO

The Biggest moment of all. Me presented with a beautiful BOX PATENT. My first. So beautiful. Thank you ALL

Oh My Gosh, you guys bought us a TV for Stans Bed and Breakfast

Bob Alexander with his door prize

Group Shot

Group shot

Tanya licking the ice cream beaters