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SnowCrest Technical Support
Frequently Asked Questions
for Macintosh

Where can I get the SnowCrest Internet Tools for Macintosh?

You may call SnowCrest at (530) 926-6888 or (530) 245-4698, and ask for a copy of the latest set of disks. There is a $5 fee for the disks and postage costs. Alternatively, you may download it from our FTP site. Be sure to follow the installation instructions.


What do the SnowCrest Internet Tools do?

SnowCrest Internet Tools provide you with all the tools you need to access all the aspects of the Internet. It is an assortment of shareware and freeware programs which need to be configured to work with our service.


What software is included in the SnowCrest Internet Tools for Macintosh?

See the readme file.


What different kinds of Macintoshes will the SnowCrest Internet Tools work on?

The software will work on all Macintoshes except those with a 68020 or less internal processor. These are older non-PowerMacs such as the Classic, the SE, and the LC (LC II, III, and 520 etc. are OK). If you do have one of these older Macs see the information on the secondary software set. You will also need the secondary software if you have System 7.0.


What System software do I need to run the SnowCrest Internet Tools?

You will need at least System 7.1. System 7.5 is recommended because it comes with MacTCP. However, if you are running anything less than System 7.5 you will need to obtain a copy of MacTCP.


What is MacTCP and how do I get a hold of it?

MacTCP is a control panel that handles the talking over the Internet while your Macintosh is online. It is a commercial program; therefore we do not include it on our disks. MacTCP can be obtained from Apple for around $60, or you can get it by purchasing the Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh (ISBN 1-56830-064-6), which retails for $30. If you have an version of MacTCP that is older than 2.0.6 we have included an upgrade on the disks.


How can I upgrade my MacTCP?

First, you will need to find out exactly what version of MacTCP you have. You can do this by going into your Control Panels folder in your System Folder and opening MacTCP. In the lower left portion of the window should be a number like: "2.0.4". If this number is lower than 2.0.6 follow these steps:

On the first disk of the SnowCrest Internet Tools, or inside the Internet folder on your desktop, should be a folder called "Updaters". Open it and find the icon that has your version number and an arrow to 2.0.6 (example: "2.0.4->2.0.6"). Double-click the appropriate icon and click "Patch". The next window will ask you to find MacTCP. Find and open the "System Folder" and then open the "Control Panel" folder and then double-click on MacTCP.


What is Open Transport?

Open Transport is a lot like MacTCP, but slightly different. It is another program that handles talking on the Internet for the Macintosh. It is found on PCI-based PowerMacs and consists of a TCP/IP control panel and several library files.


What if I need to reinstall the SnowCrest Internet Tools?

To reinstall the Internet Tools you must first drag the Internet folder to the trash. Then just start at the beginning of the Installation Instructions.


How do I uninstall the SnowCrest Internet Tools?

Each of the items with a circle next to it should be put in the trash:

  • Extensions folder
    • FreePPP
    • FreePPP Guide
  • Control Panels folder
    • ~FreePPP menu
  • Preferences folder
    • PPP Preferences
    • FreePPP Menu prefs
    • FreePPP AutoDetectDB
  • Hard Drive
    • FreePPP folder
    • FreePPP Backup folder
  • Desktop folder
    • Internet folder


How can I tell if I am actually online?

If you have the FreePPP menu (looks like a phone), and drop it down. If "Close PPP Connection" is in black then you are most likely online. Also, you can open the FreePPP Setup window and if the glove is rotating you are most likely online. The reason I say 'most likely' is that it is possible that the connection could have been dropped and your computer can think is it still online. If you have an external modem it should be no problem telling if you are online because the modem lights will be different online and offline.


When I try to run any of the Internet applications, I get an error that says something about "No DNS", or "Unable to locate Site". What is wrong?

The most reason for this problem is that you are not online. You might not have logged in, the connection might have been dropped, or possibly there might be a problem on the server side. The first thing you should do is to disconnect (to convince your Mac that you aren't online) and then connect again. If you continue to have this same problem after multiple times of connecting and disconnecting there may be a settings problem and you should call SnowCrest at (530) 926-6888 or (530) 245-4698.


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