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Microsoft FrontPage® 2002 Server Extensions on SnowCrest FAQ

SnowCrest has installed the Microsoft FrontPage ® 2002 Server Extensions on our web server. This means that with Microsoft FrontPage ® 2002 and Microsoft FrontPage ® 2000, you can use the "Publish Web" function to upload your web pages to our server. Also, FrontPage Components will work. Some common questions and answers follow:

How do I use FrontPage with SnowCrest?

1. Connect to the Internet.
2. Run FrontPage.
3. If the "Getting Started" window does not come up, select "Open FrontPage Web" from the file menu.
4. Make sure "Open an Existing FrontPage Web" is selected, and click on the "More Webs..." button.
5. Underneath the words "Select a Web Server or disk location:", type "" (without the quotes).
6. Click the "List Webs" button.
7. After a minute or so, the list of webs will show up in the "FrontPage Webs found at location" box.
8. Select your username from the list, and click the "OK" button.
9. Enter your username and password, and click the "OK" button.
10. Your web should load. You can make changes, and use the "Publish FrontPage Web" function to upload files to the web server.
11. When you are finished, select "Close FrontPage Web" from the File menu.


How do I use the Publish Web function?

1. Connect to the Internet.
2. Open FrontPage with the web that you want to publish.
3. Go to the "File" menu, and select "Publish Frontpage Web" from the menu.
4. In the Publish window that comes up, click on "More Webs".
5. Type in "" where username is your account name.
6. Click on OK.
7. If a window comes up asking for your username and password, enter them and click OK.
8. Wait for FrontPage to publish your web. This may take some time, depending on how large your web is. When it is done, you should see your changes on your web site.


What are all these new directories in my web area?

The FrontPage Server Extensions installation creates several new directories. These directories are:
FrontPage may also create several more _vti_cnf directories in already existing subdirectories. This is normal. In addition, several .htaccess files are created. These files are critical system files, and should not be deleted.


I can't use the Publish Web function because I don't know the correct username and password.

Normally, the username and password should be the same ones you use to check your e-mail. However, if you find that you still can't get it to work, then you should write an e-mail to


FrontPage won't let me create a new web, use the Permissions item from the Tools menu, or change the web name.

For security purposes, these functions have been disabled.


I have a custom domain name with SnowCrest. Is there anything special I need to know?

If you have a custom domain name, you can access your page by typing in your web server name instead of in step 5 of the procedure above. You then select the "<Root Web>" from the menu, and go from there.

In addition, custom domain users have some additional files in their directory. In particular, the "_vti_inf.html" file, and the "postinfo.html" file are both critical files for the correct operation of FrontPage and should not be deleted.


Where can I find more information on FrontPage?

Check out Microsoft's Site.


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