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MacOS 8 & 9 Setup

Apple Menu::Control Panels TCP/IP Remote Access Modem

To configure MacOS 8 & 9 for SnowCrest, three control panels must be configured:

  1. The Modem control panel.
  2. The TCP/IP control panel.
  3. The Remote Access control panel (sometimes also called PPP).

Modem Control Panel

The Modem Control Panel

  1. If your Mac has in internal (built-in) modem, make sure that "Connect Via" is set to "Internal Modem". If your Mac uses an external modem, select the appropriate port from the "Connect Via" menu.
  2. Select the appropriate modem from the "Modem" menu. For example:
    • Power Macintosh G3/G4: Select "Apple Internal 56k"
    • PowerBook G3: Select "Powerbook G3 Modem"
    • iMac: Select "iMac Modem"
    If you have an external modem, but do not know what kind, search the modem for a label with a manufacturer name. Then select the appropriate modem from the "Modem" menu.

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TCP/IP Control Panel

The TCP/IP Control Panel

  1. Set "Connect Via" to "PPP".
  2. Set "Configure" to "Using PPP Server".
  3. Set "Name Server Addr:" to the numbers shown. Enter them by clicking in the box once, typing in (without quotes) "", pressing "Return", then typing in (again, without quotes) "". These numbers may change. If everything else is configured correctly, and you experience connection difficulties, call us to verify these numbers.
  4. Set "Search Domains" to the words shown. Type in: "", push "Return", type in "". These may also change. If everything else is configured correctly, and you experience connection difficulties, call us to verify these numbers.

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Remote Access/PPP Control Panel

The Remote Access Control Panel

This is where the account information is entered. This control panel may also be called "PPP".

  1. Type your SnowCrest username in the "Name" box. If your SnowCrest e-mail is "", you would only enter "myname" here. This box is case-sensitive.
  2. Type your SnowCrest password in the "Password" box. This box is case-sensitive.
  3. If you want your Mac to remember your password (so you do not have to type it everytime you connect), put a check in the "Save Password" box.
  4. Make sure "Use Dial Assist" is unchecked.
  5. Type in your SnowCrest local access number in the "Number" box. Remember that it is your responsibility to verify with your local telephone company that the SnowCrest access number is a local call for you.

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