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Media Articles

"Sai Baba: Shiva or Sadhaka?" Sanjay Dadlani's Article: Some important questions asked . (Link to Ex-baba: Please scroll down to July 6, 2002 under NEWS.)

Three Important Follow-ups to Sanjay Dadlani's article by Brian Steel:

(1) "The Mission Begins" More details on SB's six months in the cave and the hostility of villagers. (scroll down document towards end)

(1)"The Planned Avatar?" More clues about a 'planned avatar mission'. (scroll down document towards end)

(3) "More Pieces of the SB Biography Jigsaw Puzzle: 1940-1945" Why are the years 1940-1945 blurred in the official biographies of SB? Scroll down 1/3 to Other than You Refuge is there None

"Jesus was always teaching the fishermen. This Matthew wrote all that. Matthew wrote all of it and he made it into a part of the Bible. Then the other disciples wrote all the rest, based on their own feelings." For the latest astounding pronouncements by SB, see Brian Steel's newest article: "The Packaging of SB's Discourses: An Update" (March 20, 2002)

Divine Sin by Alejandro Agostinelli (March 2002) See also Argentinian TV transcript of Sai Baba A Sinning God?

Did you know that Christianity existed 350 years before Christ was born? Another article by Brian Steel: SB's Discourses: More Nonsense

A February 2002 article by Brian Steel: Rumours, Gossip, Allegations and Truth

Brian Steel's Internet Article Fresh Light on SB's Discourses February, 2002; A revealing comparison of the official discourses and what SB actually said (based on devotee translations made from the original Telugu audio tapes).

TV Documentary: "Seduced" Danish Documentary on SB (January 2002). See also transcript of the entire 'Seduced' film commentary

Untouchable? Michele Goldberg's article on Sai Baba. July 25, 2001

Is It Sai Baba's Turn?

A very comphrehensive selection of media articles:

India Today: India's premier publication: P.C. Sorcar: "Baba's a bad trickster" A step by step magician's view of how Sai Baba performs his miracles

Vancouver Sun February 2001 November 2000

Divine Downfall: London Telegraph October 2000 &pg=/et/00/10/28/tlbaba28.html

Unesco Withdraws from Prashanti Nilayam Conference Unesco

Dallas Morning News Reports on India Defence Corruption Corruption

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The Indian Skeptic: August 1999, pages 18-28; "Sai Baba and His Students," by B. Premanend. Perhaps the most shocking account that will ever be written about Sai Baba's students.