A great battle fought in the name of truth and righteousness has been preserved in India's sacred text, the Bhagavadgita.

A similar battle is described in the Christian Bible as the battle of Armageddon.

Both these accounts are revered by millions as lessons in fighting for goodness and truth. There are times in history when we are called upon to stand up for truth against depravity and infamy. There have been men with near supernatural power who misled and betrayed millions. These are the Hitlers and Stalins of the world.

In India today there is a man who claims to be God himself, an avatar. He claims to be all forms of God, perfect and pure. His followers claim that he performs many miracles. He is said to materialize sacred ash, rings, watches and other objects out of air. He allegedly heals the sick, saves followers from fatal accidents, and even raises the dead.

Is Sai Baba who he claims to be (God) or is he an imposter and trickster?

Strong evidence indicates that many of the “miracles” are illusions and fakery.

But it is far worse than this. A large number of young victims have come forward and signed statements claiming that SB has sexually molested them. There are now many accounts of young people who have been coerced into oral sex and other sexual activities aganist their will.

Although recent focus has been on the sexual accounts, Sai Baba's influence is far more pervasive and destructive, affecting every devotee and even many non-devotees. (See the Inner Planes section of our link page.)

Some ashram officials acknowledge that the sexual accusations are true, but claim that this so-called god does it to purify the victims, raise kundalini and remove sexual karma. There is growing evidence that top officials in the organization have been involved in a huge coverup, and may have threatened their critics and caused them to be silenced.

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