Election 2004

Lunar Return and Ennead Charts for the Candidates

These are the charts that are discussed briefly in my article in the October-November 2004 NCGR Memberletter. In that article I stated that the lunar return and ennead charts pointed to an election victory for Kerry/Edwards, but that Edwards had post election charts that suggested he would be taking on the presidential duties. Later I hope to post an expanded version of the article along with additional notes and charts. The charts are sidereal (Krishnamurti), but Tropical astrologers can ignore the sign positions and note the positions of planets in relation to the angles in order to get a clear grasp of the charts.


The charts are all set up by the equal house method with the cusps acting as the center of a 'house.' Both the zenith point (square the Ascendant) and MC are important angles. The lunar returns are set up for Washington, D.C. The enneads (cyclic 40 day charts based on the natal Sun position) are set up for the birth place. The charts are set up as bi-wheels: The natal chart is on the inside circle, and the lunar returns or enneads are around the outside. The cusps are the outer wheel transit cusps of the lunar returns and enneads. These cusps act as arrow markers to set off natal configurations. The two charts act together to point out the active configurations for the lunar onth or 40 day ennead period in question. The active configurations are:

The Charts:

George Bush's Election lunar return
Note that the majority of planets are in inactive sectors. Transiting Pluto and Uranus are angular, and transiting Venus is ready to set near natal Mars. Pluto near the MC is conjunct natal Ketu (south node) which can be interpreted as loss or an ending. In this context both Uranus and Pluto should bring a reversal of current conditions. (If Pluto were conjunct Rahu or the Moon's north node, this would usually bring a rise in power and position.)

George Bush's Inaugural lunar return
Only natal Venus (4th lord) is strongly angular. There is a widely off-angle Mars-Uranus square from 4th to 7th. The majority of the planets are in the 4th-5th sectors. Transiting Neptune is square the MC, and transiting Sun makes a wide trine to the MC. This solar aspect is the only faint hint in this chart that GW would return to office. Neptune square the MC generally dissolves ambitious hopes for power and position.

Dick Cheney's Election lunar return
Transiting Mercury is on the descendant square Neptune at the zenith which conjoins natal Sun. Transiting Neptune on the Sun is a clear indication of the dissolution of power. The only hopeful hint this configuration could offer to Cheney is that he remains in power due to illegal subterfuge. However, the doctrine of sidereal solar and lunar returns says that Neptune is the dissolver.

Dick Cheney's Inaugural lunar return
In this chart transiting Neptune is again at the MC conjoining natal Sun. Uranus is at the zenith. These are the main significant configurations in this return chart.

John Edwards' Election lunar return
This chart looks extremely positive. Jupiter and Venus are on either side of the MC. Transiting Pluto just below the ascendant is in partile opposition to natal Sun on the descendant. Natal Jupiter is just below the 7th cusp. The lunar return part of fortune is conjunct the natal ascendant. Transiting Mars is conjunct the natal Raja Yoga (combination for kings) Saturn-Neptune, which in turn are near the bright star Spica.

Whereas transiting Saturn-Neptune might spell doom if strongly placed in a return chart, transits to this natal combination can operate in a positive manner because of their rulership of natal 9th and 10th. However, since Neptune is part of this combination, we might expect a sacrifice or loss in conjunction with positive results. In Edwards' natal chart, this is a very karmic combination

John Edwards' Inaugural lunar return
This is an interesting return. Jupiter is conjunct the MC, but a mysterious Ketu (always a karmic indication) is widely conjunct Jupiter. Jupiter receives the square from Venus-Mercury in Sagittarius. Again the natal Neptune/Saturn is emphasized by the conjunction of lunar return Jupiter. Mars and Pluto are above the eastern horizon and natal Mars is on the descendant. This will bring the energy of Mars into this month--conflict, anger or more war news. A major configuration in this chart is Pluto near the ascendant opposing natal Sun on the descendant.

Not illustrated here is Edwards' ennead for the planned inauguration date. This chart has the ennead MC conjunct Edwards' natal Pluto. Mercury, Venus and Pluto trine the MC/Pluto and the Sun is in sextile aspect. Neptune is just at the nadir. Could this be an inauguration chart? I would have to say yes, since the MC is conjunct natal Pluto, the Sun is on natal descendant and Jupiter is near the natal nadir. (Jupiter square Sun on natal angles.) I don't know how to interpret Neptune at the ennead nadir, however. Since the following charts are so dramatic in comparison to this one, I wonder if we'll see some unexpected events in January and February of 2005.

John Kerry's Election lunar return
Like John Edwards' election return, Kerry's Washington lunar return also features the Venus-Jupiter conjunction high in the sky. Venus is widely conjunct the zenith,but neither planet is near the MC. Rather, Mars in the final degree of Virgo is to the east of the MC. Venus and Jupiter fall on Kerry's natal Neptune/MC. This is the predominent configuration in this chart, so the Mars-MC may simply indicate the tension, conflict and heated emotions which will surround this election in a very polarized country.

This lunar return features Pluto above the ascendant conjunct natal ascendant and Sun. Natal Saturn is just below the descendant. I see this chart as indicating victory, though natal Saturn on the descendant angle and transiting Mars near the MC point to knots in the fabric of this month.

Kerry's November ennead begins on November 1, just before the election date. This is the last ennead before Kerry's new solar return in December. I can't clearly interpret this chart. Though Venus/Jupiter conjoin natal Neptune/MC, these planets are in the 11th house sector so don't contact the angles. Mars, Ketu and the Sun are in the 12th house. Uranus is just at the IC opposing natal Jupiter at the MC. Strangly, the MC is less than a degree from Cheney's natal ascendant. Mercury is in the first in trine to Saturn in the 9th. Though Venus-Jupiter at the natal MC suggest victory, this month will have less positive results for John Kerry, perhaps in the area of health and vitality.

There are several critical natal planets near the cusps (spokes) of this chart. Ennead Pluto is on natal Sun on the second cusp and oppose natal Saturn-Moon on the 8th cusp. Transiting Mars in the critical 29th degree of Virgo is on the 12th cusp. Transit Mercury (a malefic lord for Kerry's natal chart) is in quincunx (150 degreee) aspect to natal Saturn on the 8th cusp. With Uranus just on the I C (Cheney's descendant), this isn't a comfortable looking ennead.

Post Election Charts and Beyond

John Kerry's December 2004 Solar Return (Denver)
This is a chart that doesn't look anything like what we'd expect in the solar return of a new president. Oddly enough, the natal degree of Cheney's ascendant is again highlighted. It's the ascendant of Kerry's Dener solar return. Natal Jupiter is near the ascendant, but Jupiter isn't strongly placed in Kerry's natal chart. Natal Uranus (with Mars) is just at the zenith of this chart and transiting Uranus is at the descendant square the Moon. The Moon itself is within minutes of opposing natal Uranus. The rather mysterious natal Neptune/MC square Mercury are on the 2nd-5th cusps.

The overwhelming picture of this chart is sudden change or an ending or sacrifice. To me this chart looks as if some trauma may have already taken place forcing an emphasis away from the limelight. Uranus rules Kerry's sidereal natal 4th house. Another mysterious factor is that transiting Mercury (lord of Kerry's 8th and 11th) is minutes from the natal ascendant. If the solar return for the year mainly applies to the first 40 day period of the year, this wil lbe a period of personal withdrawal for Kerry. If the solar return holds for the entire year, this chart raises very serious questions about the role of John Kerry in 2005.

John Kerry's December 2004 Solar Return (Washington, DC)
It's common for western sidereal astrologers to locate the solar return at the residence of the person in question. If Kerry is an elected president, this would be Washington, DC. Again this chart doesn't reflect the life of a president. Natal Saturn just at the zenith is opposed by Pluto on natal Sun at the nadir. That's about it for this chart. There are no other planets in key angular positions except Mercury,which is conjunct the Sun. If all angles are equal, Mercury-Sun-Pluto at the nadir might reflect an active political life. If the 4th house/nadir really has to do with the home and endings or seclusion, this isn't the chart of an active president.

John Kerry's December 24, 2004 lunar return (Washington, DC)
Along with suggesting events, the lunar return is said to have a more personal tone as well, often having to do with health. We don't know where Kerry will be on December 24, but since this is the chart that runs through inauguration day, at least on that day it may be valid in Washington. This is an odd chart except for time that will probably be spent at home over the holidays. The Sun is on the IC conjunct natal Mercury which is square to natal Neptune/MC on the lunar return ascendant. As in several of Kerry's charts, this natal configuration is emphasized. There is no other angular emphasis in the chart. Based on this chart it would seem that either Kerry will not be inaugurated or the inauguration time would be changed from its customary January 20 date.

John Kerry's January 19, 2005 Ennead
Set for Denver, this is a dramatic chart, and I'm not sure exactly how to interpret it. Jupiter conjoins the MC but receives the square from Saturn. A critical degree, 29 Scorpio is on the ascendant. Mars and Pluto straddle the ascendant near natal Sun. Mars is one degree from the partile opposition to natal Moon. Natal Saturn is just on the descendant. Kerry will be remembered during this period (Jupiter at the MC), but will be he inaugurated?

Kerry's lunar return which checks in the day after the election (January 21 at 6:11:44 am in Washington) contains some seeming contradictions. Jupiter is in the 10th house 7 degrees from the zenith and receives a trine from the Moon. However, Ketu, the Moon's south node conjoins the MC. Venus and Mercury are in the 1st house but quincunx the Moon and opposed by Saturn. Mars would be visible above the horizon (the sun hasn't yet risen), and Pluto is with Mars. This combination conjoins natal Sun and opposes natal Moon. So both the January 19 ennead and the January 21 ennead contain the partile Mars-Moon opposition.

John Kerry's February 27, 2005 Ennead
Again, we see an odd chart in this ennead. Natal Uranus with Mars is at the zenith, and transiting Uranus with the Sun is on the descendant. The Neptune-Mercury natal square is again on the cusps (2nd to 5th). The Moon in the critical final degree of Virgo (sidereal) is sandwiched between Jupiter and Ketu, which means that the Moon and retrograde Ketu are moving into an exact conjunction. In this chart we have the natal 4th lord (Uranus) prominent (endings as per classical astrology) on the descendant—place of the setting Sun. Co-lord of natal 4th, Saturn—currently near the natal 8th cusp— is high in the sky square Jupiter-Moon-Ketu. This chart doesn't seem to be the chart of an active president. If Kerry's birth time is correct, by this time he appears to be in a serious state of limbo.

Important Note: In interpreting the solar and lunar return charts and enneads, although individual astrologers have firm opinions about what locale to use for these charts, I am not yet comfortable enough myself to have a definitive answer. Thus, there is always the question of which angles are more important if a person is living some distance from the place of birth. Western sidereal astrologers generally swear by the current locale angles, but I have seen the ennead angles work better for the birth place. The location of cyclic return charts is still an open question for many astrologers.

Charts for John Edwards:

John Edwards' November 21, 2004 Ennead
This chart has a 26 Taurus Asc; Transiting Pluto-Mercury on the western horizon oppose natal Sun on the ascendant. Uranus is conjunct the MC, and transiting Sun is trine MC/Uranus. A dramatic shift involving the core of the self (Sun). It takes no guess work to see that this re-orientation is related to Kerry. The descendant of this chart is only 5 minutes from Kerry's natal Sun on his ascendant. In this Ennead Ketu (fate, sacrifice, loss) is just between Venus (ascendant lord) and Mars (descendant lord).

John Edwards' December 23, 2004 lunar return (Washington, DC)
This chart reflects the samne dramatic shift we see in the November 21 ennead. Natal Sun is conjunct the MC opposed by transiting Pluto. Jupiter is trine the MC, and the chart contains a Mars-Uranus-Moon t-square.

John Edwards' January 20, 2005 lunar return (This is the inaugural date chart discussed above.)

John Edwards' February 8, 2005 Ennead
A dramatic chart. 22 Aries rises with the part of fortune. Pluto at the nadir opposes Moon-Sun at the zenith. Five planets fall in the zenith/MC area: MC-Venus-Neptune-Mercury (zenith) Moon-Sun. Jupiter (conjunct natal raja yoga Saturn- Neptune) trines Neptune-Mercury-Moon-Sun at the zenith. There's no time for a personal life in this chart. Since John Edwards opted not to run for the senate in 2004, this chart cannot reflect the busy life of a senator.

John Edwards' February 16 lunar return (Washington, DC)
Another dramatic chart with an MC stellium: Neptune-Venus-MC-Sun-Mercury-Uranus, Uranus in partile square to the rising Moon. Jupiter trines Neptune-Venus-MC, and natal Jupiter-Moon are above the ascendant. Contrast this extremely dramatic chart with Kerry's charts for the same time period.

A note on John Edwards and transits on inauguration day, January 20, 2005:
Edwards' 2004 solar return set up for his birth place in Seneca, South Carolina places 10 degrees of Cancer on the ascendant. This places the Sun on inauguration day (7 Capricorn) on the descendant of this chart. The inauguration ascendant is conjunct Edwards' solar return part of fortune, and the Moon at the scheduled time of swearing-in is conjunct solar return Mercury, which in turn conjoins natal Moon-Jupiter. Transiting Rahu is conjunct the solar return MC.

At the time of the swearing-in (12:00 noon on January 20) transiting Venus with Mercury is on John Edwards' natal descendant. Transiting Jupiter is angular and conjunct natal Raja Yoga Saturn-Neptune. Transiting Saturn is square tis combination. Click here to see the Tri-Wheel.

A fascinating feature of this tri-wheel is that in all three charts—the 2004 solar return chart at the center, the inaugural transits in the middle and the natal planets in the outer wheel, is that the nodes in all three charts fall on the Ascendant/zenith solar return angles. This year will be a very fated and karmic year for John Edwards. His destiny is set in the stars.

Posted by Therese Hamilton
October 16, 2004
Based on an article submitted to the NCGR Memberletter on August 16, 2004

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