The Lunar Return for Marc Penfield's Accident

August 2004

News Item from Judy Johns posted on her Political Astrology List Tuesday, Aug 17, 2004:

Astrologer Marc Penfield was sitting in a local coffee shop having his morning tea and reading the newspaper when a truck crashed through the restaurant and nearly over the booth where Marc was sitting on July 30, 2004 at 8:08 AM in North Hollywood, CA He was rushed to the hospital where they removed his spleen and 40 per cent of his pancreas. He also sustained injuries to one of his left ribs. Marc was in the hospital for 11 days and is home recuperating now. He thinks two other people were also injured in the accident, but were taken to other hospitals as their injuries were not as severe as his. Marc was born Nov 8, 1942 at 8 PM CWT in Chicago, Illinois.

(There was some debate on the Political Astrology List about whether Marc's birth data was CST or CWT.)


Marc Penfield authored Solar Returns in Your Face (AFA 1996). Like Rob Hand, he uses precession corrected returns, but stays with the Tropical zodiac. Marc's CWT (8:00 p.m.) checks out very well using the lunar return for the accident corrected for precesson. For anyone who wants to set up this chart the time is 6:56:14 am PDT, North Hollywood, CA. You can see the clear accident pattern if you compare the lunar return with the natal chart on a bi-wheel. The bi-wheel cusps need to be the lunar return cusps, not the natal cusps.

Click here to view the chart.

Here are some highlights: (Sidereal longitudes, but the relationship of planets to the angles and the natal chart are the same using Tropical longitudes.) MC: 14 Aries; N Node 13 Aries Natal Mars 12 Libra conj IC and S Node!! (Natal Mercury at 10 Libra is with Mars.) So we get natal Mars/Mercury on the IC for this lunar return month, and in the natal chart Pluto is square these two planets which means it's square the lunar return MC/IC axis/nodes.

Also in this return transiting Mars is 6 degrees into the first house and square natal Moon, having just separated from the square to natal Sun. Neptune is exactly on the descendant of the lunar return opposed by Mars. Also Uranus in the lunar return is conjunct Marc's natal MC. The angles are the key, a discovery made by Cyril Fagan and Donald Bradley.

Therese Hamilton
August 19, 2004