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These letters were posted on the Yahoo Club UnityinDiversity in response to a statements made on “aclearview” web site.

Dear Ram Das and All,

I joined this club because although an ex-devotee after being devoted to Sai Baba for 27 years, the search for truth does not end. My sincere intention is to keep an open mind and not be so egotistical that change in me is impossible.

I feel many issues on your "aclearview" websites need to be addressed, especially your claim that Paramahansa Yogananda said: "God Himself has incarnated on Earth today, in South India. His name is Sai Baba. When I leave you are going to live with Him." You then indicate that the devotee spent the rest of her life at Sai Baba's ashram.

Ram Das, I have known at least 4 of Yogananda's close disciples for many years. One rode in the same car with SSB and even slept in the same room with SSB in 1964. (He says the allegations are true although he did not have sex with SSB.)

I would have knowledge of any early American devotee that went to live at SSB's ashram. The woman I think you are referring to did not go to live at the ashram until decades later. (Yogananda passed March 7th, 1952.) If you e-mail at, I will discuss with you her name, etc. In my opinion, Your statement on this matter is not all credible.

Furthermore, please note the following contradiction concerning Yogananda's statement about avatars. He made it his business to recognize and visit saints! I refer you to the translation and commentary by Paramahansa Yogananda, "God Talks With Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita, SRF 1995, pp. 439-440. Note, he finished this commentary in about 1951, shortly before his Mahasamadhi in 1952.

"The question is: Can God Himself ever incarnate as a human being? To say that God can not do a certain thing is to limit Him. But there are so many things that God can do, yet does not do--at least not as human beings expect of Him.

"God HAS NEVER been known to have taken a human form called "God" and dwelt in it among men. ("Why callest thou me God? There is none good but one, that is, God," Jesus said, (Matthew 19:17) to distinguish himself, an avatar, from God the Father, the Absolute, the Formless.) The Lord has condescended many times, however, to manifest Himself through the incarnation of a fully liberated being who, once an ordinary human being, has become a true reflection or "son of God." God who is almighty and can do anything, thus operates His Omniscience through the human body of a avatar.

Just as the ocean of Cosmic Consciousness is aware of a soul wave manifesting on its surface, so the soul wave of an avatar is aware of the ocean of Cosmic Consciousness manifesting through its form. Great prophets and minor saints differ only in degree--the former manifest God fully through wide-open windows of their consciousness; the latter manifest God though small crevices of certain divine realizations. It can be said the full manifestation of divinity in an avatar is greater than is the partial manifestation in a saint who has not yet attained absolute liberation...."

Sincerely, Dennis

From: Terrie109

Date: Wed May 30, 2001 10:54 pm

Subject: Yogananda Falsely Quoted on aclearview site

On the site sai-baba-and-sex-aclearview, Paramahansa Yogananda has been MISQUOTED. The author of that site gives no reference for the quote other than "a woman," who is not identified in any way. Here is what Yogananda really said before his death: (Sri Daya Mata, the current president of SRF, Yogananda's organization, is speaking.)

BEGINNING OF QUOTE: Late that evening, he (Yogananda) called me to him and said, "Come, let us take a walk."...And then very quietly he turned to me and said: "Do you realize that it is just a matter of hours and I will be gone from this earth?"

Tears flooded my eyes. Intuitively, I knew that what he said was to come to pass. A short time earlier, when he spoke to me of leaving his body, I had cried to him, "Master, you are the diamond in the ring of our hearts, and of your society. How can we carry on without you?" With such sweet love and compassion, his eyes like soft pools of divine bliss, he answered:

"When I am gone, ONLY LOVE CAN TAKE MY PLACE. Be so drunk with the love of God that you will know nothing but God; and give that love to all." END OF QUOTE (Finding the Joy Within You by Sri Daya Mata, SRF 1990, page 254-255.)

This, dear ssb devotees and ex-devotees, is what Yogananda REALLY said. You will see that the alleged quote given in aclearview doesn't even sound like Yogananda's way of speaking. It is, I believe, a complete fiction--Which leaves open to question if the other alleged quotes of spiritual teachers are also fiction.

It has been proved, for example, that the Mohammed prophecy referred to on that site is a fake. No such prophecy exists in the spiritual writings of Islam. Even diehard ssb devotees admit that. Where has the author of aclearview site been lately?? Personally, I question every "fact" given on that site. And I will be checking out the alleged "facts" as time goes on.