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Margo’s Visit to India, March 2001 (QuickTopic)

Margo 699

04-01-2001 04:22 AM ET (US)

Hello Everyone!

Nice to be back. I've read through all that I've missed in the last seven weeks and am delighted with the quality of discussion.

It is a bit comical that we have a couple of friends who are busily putting on the masks of an entire "pro" community. It's not clear exactly why, however, for in truth they only serve the "anti" cause by exposing the true nature of their thoughts. All I can say is

"THANKS, you are serving us well."

I just returned from Delhi. I found it most interesting and, I must say, gratifying, to observe the complete absence of sb images on the streets and in shops and restaurants. It was a radical change from my last trip to Delhi two years ago. In fact, few people showed any interest in even discussing sb - again a huge shift from prior times - and those that did were either very sceptical or decidedly on the "anti" side.

Though I did not spend time in South India on this trip, my friend who did a sojuorn there reported much the same, with one big difference: in South India instead of sb's images simply being removed, they have by and large been replaced by images of Shirdi Sai.

Overall, the philosophical climate in India right now seems to be one of ethical revolution. What did for the sai baba expose, they have done a thousand-fold in exposing political corruption at the highest levels. The Indian people are fed up with abuse of power. And now they are being reminded that they have the power within them to stand up and say NO MORE.

It was great to see the response of so many. All it took was the courage (phenomenal though it was) and the unrelenting determination of a few investigative reporters, and the country has come alive with a demand for accountability. It is not just anger and outrage that are being brandished, something is changing. I believe that what is forming is the embryo of that same collective Point-Of-No-Return, the same revolution of concsiousness that enabled Kostunica to lead Yugoslavia in the greatest non-violent overthrow of a government in modern history.

It will be very, very, interesting to see who is able to move forward and who will cling desperately to the illusion that the old game will still work.

As for sb, the word is out. And though it will undoubtedly take time, I believe the die have already been cast.

Strange though it is, we are all in this together. It's a potent time in history and we are all sharing in the remaking of our religious and political ideologies.

Thanks to all, for all you have done.

With Love,