Baba Protect All Our Loved Ones

This Is a Reply to: Msg 168 by kaliradha

Marswalker108 (Dennis J. Hanish)

10/29/01 3:54 pm

Dear Kalirada,

You ask Swami to protect all of our loved ones. Did you know that he prophecised that the whole world would be at peace at this time? (Ed note: We are one month past the Terrorist attacks on America and in the midst of Afghan air strikes by the U.S.)

When is he going to make an effect??! Consider the following:

1) In 1983 10,000 innocents died, as Pinochet led the first bloody coup in Chile's history.

2) About 30'000 Argentines 'diappeared' by the junta during the "Dirty War' in the 80's.

3) 37,000 innocents have died from terrorism in Lebanon during the past 15 years.

4) 150,000 Russians and Afghanis have died over the last many yers in Afghanistan.

5) 200,000 Iranains were killed by the Iraqis when Sadaam Hussein fought Iran.

6) 200,00 Guatemalans were assassinated by their own govt during a terror that lasted 30 years.

7) 500,00 innocent children have died in Iraq since the time of the Gulf War.

8) How about considering the 800,000 innocent men, women, and children who were buthered in Rwanda?

9) I have not even mentioned those slaughted in Vietnam and Cambodia?

Kaliradaa, please do not forget that ssb claims to be Rama, Krishna, and Father who sent Jesus Christ on earth. Please tell me when he is gong to have an effect!!!!

Best Wishes,