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SS Central Trust Censors Premsai!!

18 October 2002

The Premsai site has been our only source of the literal words spoken by SB in his discourses. According to a communication from a Premsai translator, this piece of good fortune for the Exposé is coming to an end. The following was forwarded to Sunrise by a friend of Premsai:

All of us translators had an important meeting on the 18th. It came to our attention several days ago that Swami's discourses, meaning both the audiocassettes and the printed bookstore versions, are now copyrighted (since 23 July). This means that we cannot continue to translate His discourses without the permission of the Sathya Sai Central Trust. So we are discontinuing the translations until we can try for permission (it doesn't look likely, given the strictness of the Trust and the fact that we are not part of the official Organization). Within days all the discourses on our Premsai site (from 23 July when the copyright came into effect) will be removed.

Communication from Puttaparthi, India: 18 October 2002