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The following new and important letter was received by Sunrise yesterday evening.

Date: 27 Jul 2001

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Dear Sir,

I was a student in both Sri Sathya Sai higher secondary school as well as Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning' and I can vouch that all the allegations about paedophilia and sexual activities of sai baba are a fact.

All the authorities and staff members are aware of the same. All the ex- students are aware and many themselves are victims, but many are staying back mostly due to economic reasons as they will not get any jobs outside, or due to family pressures and are themselves converted gays/homosexuals due to their past experience with sai baba.

Many ex-students who are working in India as well as abroad are well aware of everything, but keep their mouths shut for the same reasons and the humiliation they might face if they chose to come out in the open. Moreover, many benefit by getting jobs and business by using contacts they developed by staying at Prasanthi Nilayam or Brindavan. After all, it is all about money!

The truth is that in the case of many ex-students, their married lives have failed and there are a large number of separations and divorces due to their past experiences. Their lives have been ruined forever by sai baba.

Those who are ex-students, let's not be hypocrites. Lets face the truth and accept facts as facts. We all know the truth, then why not act?

More later,

An Ex-student of Sri Sathya Sai Schools


Dear Ex-student,

First, allow us to thank you for having the foresight and courage to write to us about the experiences of Sathya Sai students which you know to be true.

Then let us say that there is power and safety in numbers. Here are some suggestions:

If you and others in India could link together in an underground communications network, each of you drawing up a personal signed affidavit of what you have experienced and observed, you would have power and influence. Find some outstanding legal help. There must be hundreds...or thousands of victims of sai baba in India. If all of you presented your cases together either to the Indian media, world-wide media or in court, all of India would have to listen.

Rather than losing your jobs, respect and status, you could go down in history as the men who exposed the greatest god fraud of all history.

It’s true that one or a few victims alone can’t do much. But hundreds or thousands of you together could make a great difference.

There is no need for any student or ex-student to expose his sexual nature. One’s sexual preference has nothing to do with the exposé, and does not need to be reveled or discussed unless an ex-student wishes to do so.

Your many combined voices CAN make a difference and help to prevent further abuse and ruined lives by ssb.

Most sincerely,