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Don't Forget the Trapped Souls

Dragonslayer's Dream

Post #30 from the Sunrise Chat Page:

10-15-01 DRAGONSLAYER A Dream: Some ex-devotees have been feeling that the sb exposé is of minor importance compared to the terrorist threat to the world since the September 11, 2001 attacks. As if to let me know what is really going on, I had a chilling dream last night.

I was in a large city. A large religious organization was all over the place. A young woman wanted to get out of the organization, but the org was unwilling to let her go. They had captured her and chained her up in a prison-like place. Somehow she was able to ask me for help. I got in touch with her parents, and the parents came into the city. They were also asking for my help.

I realized that it was very dangerous. Leaders of the group were willing to do anything to keep their power. When the dream ended, we were trying to figure out ways to release the young woman. When I woke up, the feeling I had was that right now the terrorists have our attention. We must be patient and not give up on our exposé efforts. I had the feeling that we have to remember how we were fooled and entreapped for so long. The sb movement is extremely dangerous for entrapped souls. It is not only that sb is molesting young children. The truth is that the entire movement is very sinister. We all have to remember this.