Part of this short article is copied from a western sidereal discussion list, April 17, 2004:

Hi Everyone,

The Ingress Chart is the moment the Sun enters a sidereal sign each month. This is considered the birth chart for the month. The chart will be different for each location on the earth and is said to reflect events that can happen at sometime during the month. Astrologers use these charts to predict possible events at various locales around the globe. This note is being posted so visitors to this site will have the chart at hand to re-locate for any area where a significant event might happen during the month. This month the ingress chart is set for Los Angeles, California. Two ayanamsas are compared: Krishnamurti and Fagan-Bradley. Click here to see chart.

I've just had a look at the 2004 sidereal Aries Ingress, which has just occurred. A main stress configuration hits the general Los Angeles Area. I don't know how to determine where else in the world these stress aspects hit the angles.

The main difference between the Fagan-Bradley and Krishnamurti charts is the Moon. In the Krishnamurti ingress the Moon and Neptune straddle the ascendant at 18 Capricorn. Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Gemini complete the double quincunx (Yod or Finger of God) focused on the ascendant and Moon. This is the type of aspect that I've found repeatedly occurs in the monthly sidereal ingress charts preceding traumatic events.

The nodes square the ascendant, Moon and Neptune, and Anny has mentioned that when the nodes are prominent in a chart, often masses of people are involved.

The Sun and Mercury quincunx the M.C., so both the Asc and MC are afflicted with the 150 degree aspects from planets. However, there is no closed aspect configuration in relation to the M.C., which happens frequently in the ingress charts of traumatic events such as earthquakes for a locale.

Uranus enters the picture because it's opposed to Jupiter and trine Saturn (both of which form the Yod aspect to the ascendant). Mars and Venus also have their say because they trine the Ascendant configuration.

In the Fagan-Bradley ingress chart, the Moon has moved out of orb to Saturn and Jupiter; the ascendant is at 21 Capricorn, so the Yod aspect is lost. However, Neptune itself is less than a degreee from the ascendant, and Mercury and the Sun still quincunx the M.C. The trine of Mars to Neptune is almost exact. The nodes still square the ascendant.

If a stressful event is to happen somewhere in southern California, the Moon will set it off when it reaches a conjunction to one of the points in the major stress patterns.

Baghdad's angles are close to the Los Angeles angles, but reversed: The ascendant is 23 Cancer and the M.C. at 17 Aries is conjunct Rahu--Moon's north node. The Yod is focused on the Descendant, but the orbs are more exact in Los Angeles. For Baghdad, the Yod focus on the descendant is self-explanatory--continued friction from foreign occupation.

I use the sidereal ingress charts for only a period of one month, so if anything is to materialize, it will happen before the Sun enters sidereal Taurus. I know that when these types of aspect configurations happen in a sidereal solar ingress chart, traumatic events such as earthquakes happen in the geographical areas where the stress aspects are on the angles of the chart. What I don't know is if these aspects are also on the angles when nothing of note happens. It may also be important which planets are involved in the stress configurations.

This is on-going research, mainly asking questions and making suggestions.


Therese, With Krishnamurti, you get Rahu close to the ascendant at Sydney, NS, Canada, and also with some minor places in Brazil. Rahu sits close to MC at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Moon sits on the Descendant at Damascus, Syria. Saturn is on the ASC near Sevilla, Spain.


Follow-up Note: May 8, 2004

So far there's been no earthquake in Southern California, but as of about May 4 there's been what the newspapers call 'an early, ferocious start for the state's fire season.'

'About 3000 firefighters battled several Southern California blazes, which officials fear could portend a repeat of last year's disasterous fire season in the area. "I'm a 25-year verteran, and I'm seeing conditionms like I've neve seen before. It's like gasoline burning up there in those mountains." Fire Capt. Mark Miller said.'
(San Francisco Chronicle, May 5, 2004, page A1)

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It looks like I was right about southern California and a critical event, but I guess I can't yet tell the difference between fires and an earthquake in an ingress chart!

(Posted by Therese Hamilton)

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