The Krishnamurti Solar Ingress
and the Ryongchon Tragedy in North Korea

Partial News Release, April 22, 2004:

swissinfo April 22, 2004 7:15 PM

Thousands feared dead in North Korea Blast

By Jack Kim and Martin Nesirky

SEOUL (Reuters) - Up to 3,000 people have been killed or injured after two trains loaded with fuelcollided and exploded at a North Korean station, hours after leader Kim Jong-il had passed through, South Korea's YTN television says.

South Korea's Yonhap news agency, which spoke of widespread destruction, said there were thousands of casualties and some form of emergency had been declared in the area near the border with China.

“The station was destroyed as if hit by a bombardment and debris flew high into the sky," Yonhap said, quoting unidentified Chinese sources. YTN in its report quoted witnesses.

Neither Yonhap nor YTN gave a breakdown of deaths and injuries and there was no independent

confirmation of the reports on Thursday. Communist North Korea, one of the world's most reclusive and impoverished countries, has not said anything on the disaster.


After hearing about the North Korean disaster, I relocated the Aries Ingress to Ryonchon (Yongchon). As in the earthquake charts, we find the same planets afflicting the angles in the two charts. The Ingress chart clearly suggests the nature of the event.

Click here to see the Krishnamurti Ingress and Event Charts.

The Aries Ingress:

Desc = 29° Pisces (critical final degree)
MC = 3° Cancer; Sun = 0° Aries; Mercury (transportation) = 6° Aries
(Sun–Mercury conjoin the descendant and square the MC)

What makes this configuration critical is that Pluto is quincunx the MC and in trine to Sun- Mercury, so there’s a closed configuration tied to the MC: Pluto-Sun-Mercury-MC

Now in the chart of the tragic accident that may have killed 3000 people, Mercury has retrograded back to the final critical degree of Pisces on the ingress descendant. Actually the degree of Mercury is ultra-critical: 29° Pisces 59. The ingress descendant is 29° Pisces 09. Pluto, of course, is closely trine Mercury and also in partile quincunx to the event MC. And Mars is opposite Pluto and quincunx the IC in the event chart.

So we have these degrees in the event chart. (sidereal, but the relationship of the planets is the same in Tropical)

 MC  28° 39 Aries
 Pluto  28° 28 Scorpio
 Mercury  29° 59 Pisces
 IC  28° 39 Libra
 Mars  26° 33 Taurus

Now I see that there’s a yod to the IC: Mars-Mercury-IC. This is an exact description of the event, a horrendous train collision with combustible cargo on both trains. Traditional astrologers who use Ptolemy’s terms can note that the principle planets of action in the event chart—Mercury and Pluto as well as the Ascendant are in the terms of Saturn, lord of the 6th house of accidents and misfortune. Mars, which opposes Pluto, is in its own terms.

So the Pluto–Mercury–MC configuration in the ingress chart is repeated in a slightly different way in the event chart.

(The first quarter chart following the ingress isn’t diagrammed here--the Sun being at 7°30 Aries on April 21, but exactly the same planetary configuration contacts the angles, supporting the ingress picture:

Ascendant 0°24 Cancer
Mercury: 0° 42 Aries (Retrograde)
Sun 7° 30 Aries
Pluto 28° 14 Scorpio (quincunx the Ascendant and trine Mercury/Sun)

The ascendants of both the ingress chart and the chart of the preceding first solar quarter are in the terms of Mars.


If we consider house lords, in the ingress chart, the ascendant lord Mercury for this North Korean locale is conjunct the Sun, lord of 12th in the 7th , place of the setting Sun. This is not a fortunate place for either the Sun or Mercury.

In the event chart the Moon, lord of 12, is at the zenith square the ascendant. The Moon receives the square from Uranus. However, neither the Moon nor Uranus make as close aspects to the angles as do Mercury and Mars to the IC (Yod: the finger of God) or Pluto to the MC (quincunx). Explosive power is added to Pluto from the oppostion of Mars in its own terms.

What about the remainder of this solar month?
(Until the Sun enters sidereal Taurus in the middle of May.)

Now what concerns me in looking at this event chart—we know the transiting Moon is going to reach transiting Mars, which will be even closer to opposing transiting Pluto. Will this set off some other tragic event somewhere in the world? The Moon will then go on to contact Saturn, which aspects the Uranus–Jupiter opposition. Saturn is also quincunx Neptune, and Neptune is quincunx Jupiter. Somewhere in the world this configuration will contact locale angles. Let’s hope the results will not be the disaster that the square to Uranus (along with the Mars–Pluto–Mercury configuration) brought to North Korea.

Posted by Therese Hamilton
April 22, 2004

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