A.E. Biderman, Koret Living Library - "Thank you for PAUSES. ...you have deep insight in the essence of being beautifully expressed."

John Denver, Songwriter - "I really Enjoyed PAUSES, I am very pleased that you chose to share it with me."

Richard Eberhardt, Poet-in-Residence, Dartmouth - "Thanks for PAUSES, Which I am enjoying."

James Kavanaugh, Author - "What a joy to see your new work. You write so directly and honestly. My congratulations!"

May Sarton, Poet - "Thank you for sending me your book. I like the spontaneity of the poems."

Herb Caen, Newspaper Writer, SF Chronicle -"...Robin Williams' "Dead Poets Society" is a hit, and so is our very own Live Poets Society Which meets each Thurs. night from 6:30 to 8:00 P.M. in the State Bldg. on McAllister with poet, Sally Love Saunders."

Richard James, Exec. Director of The Schuy1kill Center - "I understand your poetry sessions went well and you are to be congratulated and thanked for that effort."

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