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"Patchwork Quilt"


Today is a bits and pieces
sewn together day
All those odd chores
that need to be attended to
are pieces sewn together
with jagged stitches.
Wash hair-
See about shaky washer and dryer-
Buy a Rain coat.
All such disjointed activities.
My cousins made a beautiful
patchwork quilt out of old pieces
of scrap material.
So smoothly connected
Creating an art piece that's hanging
on the wall of an art gallery.
And so my day-
to make it an art piece
of scraps and odds and ends
of activities.
Creating the patchwork quilt
of today.

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We were carved
out of the same block of wood
you and I.
The lines of the wood
in our being,
loving and forming
one piece of wood
that can always
be fit together perfectly.
The way we came into the world
was a woodchopper
who chopped a piece of wood in half.
Know you are never alone,
because I am your other half
of wood.
We can never
be split apart.

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