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Quiet Thoughts and Gentle Feelings:

Sally Love Saunders' fifth collection of poems is a book from the heart. Sally thoroughly embraces life and teaches us to slow down and enjoy the simple things.

            It is a real slowing down
            to take the time
            to listen to bumble bees
            in concert.

Everyday experiences and sentiments are celebrated here.

            Love, we're not dancing
            smoothly anymore.
            You're stepping on my toes
            and the tunes keep changing
            faster than my feet can adjust.

Sally pens with heartfelt emotions.

QUIET THOUGHTS AND GENTLE FEELINGS speaks of love and friendship, pain and death. Sally runs us through a smorgasbord of emotions - a feast for the soul! It is a book to be read many times in many moods.

Sally Love Saunders wrote her first book in kindergarten. Her first poem read, "I like a July day with a cool breeze cause I can go bare toed whenever I pleezed..."

Sally Love Saunders' belief is that "Everyone is a Poet," and has never found a person who is not a poet! To Sally, her work is like a treasure hunt - she enjoys finding the treasure that's in each of us.

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Quality Paperback, 6" x 9", Perfect Bound
126 Pages with Illustrations.
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