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Sally Love Saunders' Third collection of poems, gives the reader a new and refreshing insight into everyday experiences. With her remarkable gift for observation,
Ms. Sauanders paints vivid pictures in words, revealing her love of life, joys and heartbreaks.

A "Johnny Appleseed" poet, Sally travels throughout the world. She has spent time working in settlement houses, migrant camps, hospitals and community centers, planting seeds of encouragement in people of all ages, helping them bring to the surface their own poetic voice.

Like the scraps of a quilt, Sally Love Saunders' diverse qualities come together as one in Patchwork Quilt.

Sally Love Saunders wrote her first book in kindergarten. Her first poem read, "I like a July day with a cool breeze cause I can go bare toed whenever I pleezed..."

Sally Love Saunders' belief is that "Everyone is a Poet," and has never found a person who is not a poet! To Sally, her work is like a treasure hunt - she enjoys finding the treasure that's in each of us.

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Quality Paperback, 6" x 9", Perfect Bound
88 Pages with Illustrations.

 I'd like to dedicate this book to Marion Arnold, my Guardian Angel!
She is a warm blanket over my shoulders when am shivering.

Marion has the talent and sense of humor to turn what may appear to
be a disaster into hilarious comedy and inspires me to laugh.

I dedicate this book with many thanks to Marion Arnold.

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