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Sally Love Saunders' sixth collection of poetry, Sally paints vivid images with her words. Nouns, verbs and adjectives become her pallet, paper her canvas.

            Canadian Geese in military form
            fly across the horizon.
            Their straight black line
            reminds me of a Navajo's
            weaving shuttle going
            from side to side
            leaving a dark pattern
            on the loom of the sky.

WORD PICTURES overflows with poetic landscapes - real and imagined, with poetic portraits of self, special people and interesting acquaintances. Sally's artistic observation are a joy to read - a poetic "gallery of art" for the mind.

SALLY LOVE SAUNDERS believes that each one of us has a unique spark inside, a poet's voice. Her life's work has been to help enable people discover that creative spark. With this discovery, one realizes their own inner strengths; a springboard to self esteem.

Like deep sea diver unearthing buried treasure, Sally has had the joy of opening treasure chests and allowing gems of imagination and rubies of insight to flow out!

Ms. Saunders' work has taken her to Navajo Indian reservations, migrant camps, settlement houses, hospitals, libraries and schools.
As one of the "founding fathers" of National Association For Poetry Therapy, Sally has spoken at many conferences familiarizing health care professionals with her unique approach to teaching poetry writing.

A combination of game playing and poetry are "fun" techniques that Sally has successfully developed to help individuals get in touch with their spontaneous, creative "child." Some of these games include "Poetry Musical Chairs," "Pass The Hat" and "Poetry Bee." Sally's techniques are designed to tap that creative spark from within.

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Quality Paperback, 6" x 9", Perfect Bound
156 Pages with Illustrations.
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