Available for Poetry reading, Lectures and Workshops:

"Sally Love Saunders"Is a widely published poet who would be available for poetry readings, lectures and workshops... The workshops are designed to tap the poet inside through fun techniques used to enable people to get in touch with their creativity and write poetry.

Classes are for all ages which include published poets, closet poets and sometime poets.

I would be available for one-hour sessions, weekend sessions or five-day sessions.

"Healing Power of Poetry"
"Everyone is a Poet"

It is my hope to have an opportunity to present a talk and or poetry workshop on the "Healing Power of Poetry,"and or "Every one is a Poet" for the purpose of which will be to impart the techniques of transferring feelings into the written word. These exercises have helped many people to get in touch with their creative centers and have enabled them to express themselves more eloquently. Their poems are used as a springboard for group discussion.

Poetry Therapy is my area of expertise. I have extensive experience with adults and adolescents in a variety of settings including camps, churches, colleges, conference/community centers, hospitals, libraries and schools.

Over three-hundred of my poems have been published in such places as The New York Times, Times International and The London Times. Currently, I have five books of poetry published. My lesson plan for teaching poetry writing was published in The Christian Science Monitor. Also, I have been instrumental in having some of my students' work published as well.

It would be a pleasure to be a part of your program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


Sally Love Saunders

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All inquirys please,   Sally  At:   slovesndrs@aol.com