Saint Gilbert's Mission Church

When Rev. Roy Peters became our pastor, Bishop McGucken recommended that he contact Charles Harney, the principal contractor of the dam project in Lewiston, for help in building a church.  He met with Mr. Harney in San Francisco and he told him that he would be happy to build the church, along with his friend, Gilbert Shea, also a  contractor from San Francisco.  Gilbert Shea and Charles Harney agreed to pay for a prefabricated Soule building, a salary for Henry Durham, a local Catholic contractor, and all other expenses, except labor.  Father Roy Peters organized the construction workers, on a voluntary basis.   Saint Gilbert's Church was begun in December of 1958 with pouring of the foundation and the erection of the basic steel frame.  Actual construction started  in March of 1959, under the direction of Hank Durham.  It was dedicated on July 19, 1959, with Bishop Joseph T. McGucken conducting the ceremonies.   Saint Gilbert's has been a very active parish for many years.  The members of the church (men and women) form the guild and they are very active in community projects.   

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