Saint Patrick's Parish

                  Located in the beautiful Trinity Alps


Reverend Keith Canterbury


Everett Layne

Pastoral Assistant

Kathie Calcidise

Religious Education Teachers (CCD classes)

Judith Daye, Jacquie Love,

Willa Sartin and Debbie Sweere

 Church and Rectory

102 Church Street

Weaverville,  Ca. 96093

(530) 623-4383

Office Hours 

Tues. & Thursdays

9:00am - 2:00pm


Mission Statement

We the Catholic community of Saint Patrick's Parish with the help of the holy spirit and united in faith, are called by God to become a living example of the message of Jesus Christ.  Through prayer, the sacraments, love and charity to be of service to all, especially our youth.  To provide spiritual growth and reach out to all people, inviting them to a personal relationship of love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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