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hasta Lake offers several scenic trails for nature buffs who like to walk on the wild side. A trail guide is available at the U.S. Forest Service Information Center off I-5 south of the lake.

The one-mile Samwel Cave Nature Trail features signs telling of the Wintu Indians and their legends about the cave. A two-mile trek beginning at Hirz Bay details how the Wintu use native plants. Other trails offer spectacular views and places to fish and swim.

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Shasta Lake is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including black-tailed deer, Rocky Mountain elk, great blue herons, raccoons, black bears and ospreys. The lake also supports the largest number of bald eagles in California.

Bird lovers will find plenty to see beyond the Shasta Lake area, as well. Shasta County is home to 274 species of birds, most of which can be spotted on public lands. A Wintu Audubon Society pamphlet detailing the most commonly sighted birds, the best time for viewing, and preferred habitat, is available at the Redding Convention & Visitors Bureau.