• The library provides patrons with thousands of Adult, Young Adult, Juvenile, and Picture books both fiction (novels, stories) and non-fiction (about real things, people, events, and places).
  • Books check out for 3 weeks, can be renewed if there is nobody on the hold list, and patrons can check out up to 20 items at one time.
  • All 12 branches share materials through a weekly delivery system
  • Inter-library loan is a service that allows patrons to request books that the Siskiyou County Library System does not own but may be borrowed from nearby libraries.  If the book is available in the North State Cooperative there is no fee, if it is outside of NS there is a $5 fee upon pick-up.

Audiobooks, CD's, VHS & DVDs

  • You may place requests on any Audiobooks, music CDs, or videos that are in the library's catalog. 
  • Many Playaways and Books on CD we do not own can be ordered through our North State Lending Consortium for $1.
  • Videos and DVDs can be requested from any Siskiyou County branch library and delivered to your home library for free.
  • You may also place requests for DVDs we don't own through the North State catalog for a $1 fee.
  • Patrons are allowed 3 videos at a time. Videos check out for one week only and cannot be renewed.
  • Patrons are allowed 5 audiobooks at a time. Audiobooks check out for three weeks but cannot be renewed.

Census Microfilm

Census microfilm for Siskiyou County is available at the main library for the 1790-1920 censuses.

  • For the entire State of California, film is available up to 1920 and available for some California counties after that date.
  • For census films for other states, the Library can borrow microfilm from the Sutro Genealogical Library, for use in the main library or in branches with microfilm reading equipment.

Computer Access

  • Public Internet terminals are available in all libraries during open hours.
  • Call your local branch library for information regarding available computer time.
  • The Library does have wireless access available at all branches.

Online Resources

  • Online databases are the perfect resource for anyone wanting to search the latest news, get information on subject areas, or even find particular magazine or newspaper articles.
  • The Library pays a subscription fee to gain access to more than 35 million articles from a variety of mainstream and specialized sources.  As a library cardholder you have access to this valuable resource free of charge and can even search from your home computer at any time.
  • Visit the "Research Center" on the top main menu of the website to browse online resources.


Indian Collection

  • The Siskiyou County Indian collection is available at the Yreka Library for in-library reference use only.
  • The collection was made up of extensive materials located in the research collections of the University of California, Berkeley.
  • The collection includes audio tapes, photograph files, and large document files.
  • Indexing of the collection is available, but due to the size of the collection, please allow adequate time for researching in it. The print materials are included in the Library's online catalog.

Interlibrary Loans (ILLs)

  • The Siskiyou County Library is a member of an international network of libraries which have made their collections available on-line.
  • Computer searching can locate an item in any of these libraries, and in many cases, we can borrow the item for you.
  • Also available through interlibrary loan are articles from scholarly, technical or medical journals.
  • In some cases, lending libraries may charge a fee for their services. The Siskiyou County Library charges a $5.00 fee for items that are borrowed from libraries outside of our Northern California library system.

Magazines and Indexes

  • The library provides online access to 400 current, popular magazines via the Magazine Index that is located under "Research Center" on the top menu of the webpage.  Full text articles can be read, printed or emailed from a search on this site.
  • The Library currently subscribes to over 200 magazines.
  • Patrons are allowed 10 magazines on their card. Magazines check out for 1 week only and cannot be renewed.


  • The main library maintains a collection of all extant Siskiyou County newspapers on microfilm, back to the year 1854.
  • The Siskiyou County Newspaper Index is available on the webpage under "Research Center" on the top menu. The index index covers 1995 to the present, plus incomplete indexing for 1990 through 1995.
  • There is no index to the earlier Siskiyou County newspapers, except for the Obituary Index.
  • The main library subscribes to Sacramento, San Francisco,  and Medford papers, the Wall Street Journal, as well as all County papers.


  • The Siskiyou County Obituary Index covers a selection of obituaries which appeared in County newspapers from the year 1854 to 1990 and is located under "Research Center" on the top menu of the webpage.
  • The Siskiyou County Newspaper Index covers obituaries from 1990 to the present and is located under "Research Center" on the top menu of the webpage.
  • While not covering every single obituary, the Obituary Index is a good place to start for historical or genealogical research.
  • Obituaries can be looked-up and mailed or faxed for a $5.25 search and copy fee. The film is available in Yreka or may be inter-library loaned offsite.

Siskiyou County History

  • The Library has an online version of the complete Siskiyou Pioneer Index under "Research Center" on the top menu of the webpage.
  • The Library also maintains a Gold mining index for early mining information in Siskiyou County.
  • The main library has a very good reference collection of County historical materials.
  • Most materials can be sent to branch libraries for use in the library.
  • The collection includes a complete set of the Siskiyou Pioneer, many of which are circulating volumes.
  • Also included are works by Wells, Jones, Bancroft, Kroeber and other historians.
  • An obituary index is also available both at the library and online.
  • The Siskiyou County Museum and Historical Society
    is another useful source for local history information in Siskiyou County
  • The Digital Library of Siskiyou County History features digitized primary sources.

Local branch hours and services vary. For more information please contact your local branch library.

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