Scott Bar Branch Library


Post Office
Scott Bar, CA 96032

Phone: 530-496-3248

Branch Assistant: Genetta Clark

Post Office Hours
M-Fri. 8 - 4:30
Sat. 11-1
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About the Library

Which Siskiyou County Branch Library is open the most hours per week? You might be surprised to learn that the answer is the Scott Bar Branch, which is housed in the tiny post office in this small community on the Scott River. The branch consists of a single wall of bookshelves plus a computer hooked up to the library network. If the post office is open, which it is five days a weeks from 8:30 to 4:30 and two hours on Saturday, then the library is open too, something the locals truly appreciate. Many small branches have come and gone over the years as populations have shifted. The Scott bar branch has been here continuously since the early 1920s, when the postal clerk was paid a $3 monthly stipend for her library work. In the early days communication with the main library was all by hand written notes along the lines of, “Send us another box of books please! The ones we have have all been read by everyone”. The books were sent by mail. The branch now receives a weekly delivery by van on Wednesdays. Many patrons request books online or at the branch and have them delivered to Scott Bar. Residents of nearby Hamburg and Horse Creek also use the branch to avoid a trip to town. Rumblings of closing the post office or library have always been met with strong opposition, so we hope the little library will remain in service for many years to come!

Siskiyou County Library
719 Fourth Street, Yreka, CA 96097
(530) 842-8807
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