Birthday, landclearing, Bridge Bay

Dennis Birthday, clearing the land down by the creek. Champagne breakfast at Bridge bay resort.

Den's Birthday
   Daniel, Nikki, in the back. Nicole (Ld's girl and her daughter) are next to Dennis,
Den's Birthday
   Inside the new extension, isnt' finished yet. There are three walls of glass doors, last wall (in view) is the entrance into the main house through the dining room doors.
Den's Birthday
   Later we went into the family room, we are watching Chicken run, which we thought was extrememly funny. Stacey is babysitting.
Den's Birthday
   The Dinning room door in the far distance that go out to the pool room (new extension)
   The whole of the brown area hs been cleared of bushes and trees. Nicola and John are about to pull our the remaining tree stums.
   John getting the gas can to start the fire.
   John's saw on the ground.
   On the left, is the Millville ditch. Water diverted from Cow Creek, runs through millville Farms, and finally ends up running past our lower field just before it re-enters Cow creek at the end of our bottom field. Note the height of the berry bushes, it was a major job to clear them out, plus willow-type trees like the ones pictured along the ditch.
   John, cow creek in the back.
   Building the fire. Our house in the distance.
   John about to throw a match on the gas trail leading to the wood pile
   "We have ignition"
   Nic is in the truck while John hooks a chain around the stumps.
   Nic drives off and yanks out the stump.
Champagne Breakfast
   Coming off the freeway ... leading to Bridge Bay resort, where we are going to have champagne breakfast.
   Double decker house boat below the restaurant.
   Upstairs in the bar , firplace to the left. It's only 10:30, so we are the only customers. Everyone else is downstairs in the restaurant.
valentines200104 (Altered, Lighting)
   Another picture of the bar from the oposite angle.
valentines200105 (Altered, Lighting)
   Stacey, me and Dennis.
valentines200106 (Altered, Lighting)
   In Bridge Bay restaurant having champagne breakfast. Excellent food.
valentines200107 (Altered, Lighting)
   Outside, about to head home. Stacey and LD in the front. Christine (Evan's mum) behind the car door, with her friend Rob next to her, Evan and Evan's grandmother next to Stacey.


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