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Eastbound near Merrill

The Modoc NorthernRailroad operated over 160 miles of track in northeastern California and southern Oregon. They were based at Tule Lake California and connected with the Union Pacific Railroad at Klamath falls Oregon. When the Modoc Northern ceased operations the Union Pacific took over the operation. The following photos were taken in August 2009.


    1. Eastbound near Merrill (sample shown above)
    2. Setting out empty hopper cars near Merrill
    3. Setting out empty hopper cars near Merrill
    4. Eastbound near Merrill
    5. Eastbound near Tule Lake
    6. Passing stored Modoc Northern equipment at Tule Lake
    7. Between Tule Lake and Stronghold
    8. Crossing the BNSF at Stronghold
    9. Arriving at Stronghold

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