San Francisco Fire Dept.

South of Market early 60's

The following photos are of a few fires I photographed in the early 60's. It's interesting to see some of the ancient equipment that was still in use early during that time period.


    1. South of Market early 1960's( SAMPLE SHOWN ABOVE)
    2. A worker drives their 1952 FORD through the closed doors of their burning building
    3. A block of warehouses burn at Minnesota St. and 19th St. in the early 60's
    4. In the upper left corner a 1923 American La France truck can be seen
    5. Firemen are pouring water into the corner of the warehouse
    6. A 1927 tower truck with a High Pressure Battery truck on Minnesota st.
    7. This truck is on a 1927 Mack Bulldog chassis and was chain driven.
    8. The tower was manufactured by the Union Machine Co. in 1927
    9. One of the chiefs and a city official look over the scene on Minnasota St
    10. The radiator of a 1923 American La France truck on Minnasota St.

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