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#650 at Dunsmuir

The Modoc NorthernRailroad operated over 160 miles of track in northeastern California and southern Oregon. They were based at Tule Lake California and connected with the Union Pacific Railroad at Klamath falls Oregon. The photos taken in the Tule Lake area were some of the last taken of the line as they shut down a few days later.


    1. #650 at Dunsmuir on delivery trip (sample shown above)
    2. SD9 #650 at Dunsmuir Yard on delivery trip
    3. Modoc Northern Depot at Tule Lake
    4. Power at Tule Lake
    5. SP section houses at TuleLake
    6. Klamath Falls train about to head west at Tule Lake
    7. #651 about to leave Tule Lake for Klamath falls
    8. Smiling Modoc Northern engineer
    9. Caboose 01480 at Tule Lake
    10. SD9 #650 at Tule Lake
    11. Passing local livestock near Hatfield California
    12. Crossing irrigation ditch near Hatfield California
    13. Caboose 01480 reflected in irrigation ditch
    14. Train crossing the oregon California border near Hatfield California
    15. #651 leaves train on mainline and begins switching at Malone Oregon
    16. Picking up loaded grain cars at Malone
    Switching at Malone
    18. Switching at Malone
    19. Switching at Malone
    20. Crossing Malone Road
    21. Backing down to train after picking up cars at Malone
    22. Backing down to train after picking up cars at Malone
    23. Train passing grain elevator at Malone
    24. Red Winged Blackbirds take to the air as #651 leaves Malone for Klamath falls
    25. #651 passing the grain elevators at Malone
    26. Caboose 01480 brings up the rear of the Klamath Falls train
    27. GP9 #700 at Merrill Oregon with SP milepost
    28. #700 at Merrill Oregon

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