Fox Theater Demolition

The Fox Theater on one of its final nights.

San Franciscos Fox Theater was built in 1929. In the early 1960's the theater was losing money and the expense of maintaing a theater as large as this was unfeasible. The decision was made to close the theater. It was offered for sale to the City of San Francisco however it was turned down. The building was demolished and in its place the "Fox Plaza" was constructed a combination office and apartment building. The last film's were shown on February 15, 1963. The following night an event called "Farewell to the Fox" tookplace. After a week or so of selling off artifacts from the theater the wreaking ball took over. Demolition was complete on August 12, 1963. I took the following photos of some of the demolition work during March 1963. These photos are availiable for purchase.



    1. The Fox Theater on one of its final nights( SAMPLE SHOWN ABOVE)
    2. A few customers stand beneath the doomed marquee on the night of February 10, 1963
    3. The Diamond Horseshoe Foyer during the artifact auction
    4. Arons Building Wreaking has already ripped into the main theater
    5. Most of the east wall has been removed
    6. The Curse of Frankenstein makes short work of the theater
    7. Riveted steel beams frame the gold colored walls of the balcony
    8. A worker emerges from the ruins welding torch in hand
    9. The once ornate interior is framed by the ruins of the east wall
    10. The once ornate interior is framed by the ruins of the east wall
    11. The once ornate interior is framed by the ruins of the east wall
    12. The "Nugget" sign still advertises their casino on the east wall
    13. A "Keep Out" guards the entrance to what once was the lobby
    14. If it wasn't for the wreaking crane this view could have taken in the twenties.
    15. A worker torches off one of the two remaining girders from the marquee
    16. The Fox Theater Sign looks down on the wreaking crane
    17. The last marquee girder gets hit by the wreaking ball
    18. The "Now Cinemascope" signs lays crumbled under the ruins of the marquee
    19. The weight of the wreaking ball leans against the last girder
    20. A little more work with the torch
    21. The last girder falls
    22. "CALL THE BEST...WE'LL DO THE REST". Thanks fellas.

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