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Horcht auf! Es schlagt die Stunde, die unsrer Tafelrunde verkundigt: geh' ein jeder heim... und das, was wir empfunden, was enger uns gebunden an Freund und Kunst, darf uns erfreu'n.

The Schubertians is, or was, a small group of male singers at the University of California at Santa Barbara under the direction of Carl Zytowski between the years of 1964 to 1995, when Mr. Zytowski finally officially retired. Mr. Zytowski, or Mr. Z, as he is affectionately known by his pupils, can be reached at If you are an old boy, I'm sure he would appreciate hearing from you.

New 11-01-2009: Schubertians History
A new history of the Schubertians has been completed. This 40 megabyte file can be downloaded here:
Schubertian History Electronic 9-13-09.pdf

Schubertians Reunion!
The Schubertians reunion on March 31, 2007 was a huge success. Pictures, recordings, and memories from the event are on this page.

Mr. Z plans to have his own web page up soon! Once it is, you will be able to find the link here.

You can get some of Mr. Z's publications on line here at ChoralWeb. Some spirituals, several Christmas carols, and the Wreath of Epitaphs are available.

This button will take you directly to Mr. Z's published works on Choralweb:

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The old boy list is updated as I get new contact information from former Schubertians. This list becomes out of date rapidly, so please let me know when your e-mail address changes so you can be reached by other Schubertians!

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