Schubertian Reunion Concert 2007

Schubertians Reunion!
On March 31, 2007, the Schubertians met once again for a reunion concert. The event was very successful.

Stephen Hansen put some pictures from the event up here:
Pictures at Shutterfly

Here are the official recordings of the concert, in mp3, flac, and wav format:

MP3 format (256 bits, 150Mb)
MP3 is the smallest version, and will download in the least amount of time. It is also the format best suited for use with portable devices such as iPods. It is not as high quality as a lossless format, however.

FLAC format (lossless, 378Mb)
FLAC is a lossless format with an excellent compression ratio. It is not as broadly supported as mp3 or wav. If you download this version, you might try the free program Audacity to read the files and convert them to other formats. WinAMP (the full version) can play FLAC files.

WAV format (lossless, 689Mb)
WAV format is the standard format for Windows machines. This is the easiest format to use to create an audio CD. It will take the longest to download because it is uncompressed. If you want to create an audio CD using these files, use any standard program such as Nero, Toast, or the free CD Burner XP Pro, make sure to tell the program you want to create an audio cd (not a data cd), add all the files, disable pauses between tracks (or enable disk at once), and have it burn the cd for you.

This booklet of of memories was handed out at the reception after the concert:
Schubertian Memories

The concert was reviewed in the Santa Barbara News-Press:
Newspaper Review